10 Sacred Temples in Philippines to make Your Trip Unforgettable

10 Sacred Temples in Philippines to make Your Trip Unforgettable

Philippines is a secular region bring home to a high number of Roman Catholics, Islam and the minorities. You will find a lot of temples dedicated to different religions from Hindus to Sikhs. Do you have any plans to travel to the Philippines? If so, immerse in the rich cultural diversity of the country by visiting these temples in the Philippines.


10 Sacred Temples in the Philippines


1. Sri Sri RadhaMadhava Mandir


Tourists from India feel at home when visiting this beautiful temple that is a part of the ISKCON and is dedicated to Sri SriRadhaMadhava, SrilaPrabhupada and Sri SriPancha-tattva. The residential 2-storey religious houseis constructed completely in Filipino style. There is also a Food for Life program. With almost 70-80 visitors every week, it is a popular place among foreign tourists.


Address:9105 Banuyo Street, San Antonio Village, Metro Manila, Philippines


2. International Sri Krishna Mandir


Another Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna serves as an alternative to ISKCON. Deities come and offer prayers to Lord Sri Krishnaevery day. The temple also distributes prasadam (sweets) to the devotees daily. You can also enjoy the spiritual retreat offered by the temple management in the Vaikuntha Eco Farm.


Address: Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines


3. ManilaKadampa Buddhist Centre


Next on the list is a popular Buddhist temple in the Philippines, Manila Kadampa Buddhist centre, the centre for modern Buddhism. It is an important part of the International Kadampa Buddhist Union. The main objective of the temple is to promote Buddhism and spread awareness of cultivating human values. They also organize classes, meditation and teaching sessions at their Manila training centre.


Address: Makati City, Metro Manila in the Philippines


4.Philippine Palyul Buddhist Temple


Philippine Palyul Buddhist Temple also referred to as Philippine PalyulChanChubDargye Dharma Center or PPCCDDC, is a Tibetan Buddhist temple situated in Manila. It conducts classes, prayers, retreats, meditation courses and many other Buddhist activities to offer Buddhist teachings to the people of the Philippines.  Not just this, they also organize charity work for disaster relief during calamities.


Address: Santa Mesa, Manila in the Philippines


5. Manila Philippines Temple


Manila Philippines Temple was built in the year 1984 and is the first church to be built by The Church of Jesus Christ, a group of the Latter-day Saints. Being one of the most famous Mormon temples in the country, Manila Philippines Temple welcomes a large number of visitors, especially during the peak travel season as many foreign tourists visit the country. You can learn a lot about the Mormon culture on visiting the spiritual abode.


Address: Green Meadows Subdivision, Quezon City, Metro Manila in the Philippines.


6. Cebu City Philippines Temple


The second Christian temple of Philippines was the Cebu City Philippines Temple. The religious house boasts of the gold-leafed angel Moroni statue situated on top of the structure. There are also rumours that the statue changed its direction from east to south as an effect of an earthquake and it was repositioned in the year 2014.


Address: Barangay Lahug, Cebu City in the Philippines


7. KhalsaDiwan Sikh Temple


KhalsaDiwan Sikh Temple is among the famous Gurudwaras in the country. Situated in the capital city of Manila, the Gurudwara sees a lot of tourists visiting throughout the year. Go there during the early afternoon and have the yummy langar in the premises. The pure vegetarian meal tastes amazing!


Address: 1350 United International Avenue in Manila, Philippines


8. Sri Guru Nanak DevJi Indian Sikh Temple


If you are a Punjabi visiting Philippines, you have this beautiful spiritual adobe to pray to Waheguru (Sikh God) in Binan, Philippines. Sri Guru Nanak DevJi Indian Sikh Temple is a gurudwara offering visitors a perspective on living life. It is among the most visited Gurudwaras in the Philippines. We recommend you have the langar prepared by the volunteers there.


Address: Narra St, Laguna in the Philippines


9. Philippine Chinese Spiritual Temple


A trip to Cebu City is incomplete without visiting the Philippine Chinese Spiritual Temple. A Taoist temple in the city built in the ancient style of Chinese Monastery, this temple is one of the must-visit places in Cebu City. It has always stayed true to the Chinese roots of architecture, design and practice of religion. There is a Koi pond where you can relax and watch the Koi fish in the water. You will gain immense inner peace by paying a visit at this spiritual site.


Address: Don Pedro Rodriguez, Cebu, Philippines


10. Seng Guan Temple

It is another Chinese temple in the Philippines situated in Manila. It is a perfect place to visit on a pleasant day, the temple area is surrounded by the market with fruits, fresh veggies and herbal stores. You will find some fantastic restaurants in the area where you can have a sumptuous meal that includes lumpia and makes.


Address:Narra St, Tondo, Metro Manila in Philippines