10 Things that this Pandemic Lockdown Makes You Miss about Traveling


The pandemic lockdown that many countries all over the world are currently having is a big step to solving the problem faced by every nation today. It is a big sacrifice followed by everybody in order to help and to stay safe amidst this crisis.


Everyone is hampered from coming out of his or her house because it will be dangerous, not only for one but many. Along with going to school and going to work, traveling either for important purposes or for leisure and vacation if also prohibited.


Every single day when you leave the house and go somewhere such as the market, the mall, the park, your work or your school, you cannot omit traveling. On the other side of the coin, when you go for a domestic vacation or an international trip, you can never eliminate traveling. Actually traveling is one of the top favorite to-do’s of many.


Now, while you sit back and spend all your time at home, why don’t you check out this list of 10 things that this pandemic lockdown makes you miss about traveling



Before you travel, you prepare so many things! Before you go to work or to school, you first take out the clothes to wear outside. Most importantly, before you go on a trip abroad or to a place in your country, you pack clothes, all your necessary stuff and travel essentials inside your huge bags and luggage. 


Probably, there are several times when you cram packing your things, stressing out on what’s missing and buying some stuff in the last minute. Even before traveling itself, especially if it is for a vacation, you already feel the thrill and excitement because you are off to somewhere really nice!


For now, however, while countries and cities are on a lockdown, you just wear your comfortable clothes at home and fix your bed after every time you get up in the morning and you go back to sleep at night. You cannot use your travel clothes yet because there is nowhere for you to go to.



This pandemic lockdown makes you miss the happenings outside. You know that even your hated daily situations like long lines and waiting can sometimes be missed when you are just staying at home. All you see are walls, home appliances, own properties, but what’s outside you probably last saw them a month ago or longer. 


You miss the daily life and routine you have when you can go outside. You miss the street, alleys, bus stops, vehicle terminals and all the other places you normally pass by see or visit on a regular day. You miss the drivers, street sweepers, vendors and other people you’re used to seeing on a daily basis. 


This makes you reminisce both your everyday fun and your everyday struggles while traveling


When going on a vacation trip is part of your hobbies and a favorite “treat yourself” activity, you certainly miss seeing amazing and magnificent views outside. Tourist spots, tourist attractions, nature places, amusement parks, historical landmarks and more are definitely missed.


For now, all you can do is open your phone or your laptop, check out your folders containing photos and videos from your international and local trips. Look back at them. Remember the good old times. Recall the happy and joyful memories. Remind yourself of the bliss you had during those precious moments. For now, that is what you could do — replay happy memories.



Another part of traveling which you miss is meeting with people. When you have appointments and plans to meet up with your friends and other loved ones, it’s something you look forward to. Even after a tiring day in school or at work, especially if it is your time to catch up with each other and share stories together, it is something really gleeful and noteworthy for you all. Especially if it has been your usual monthly ritual to meet up at least once or twice, it’s something you definitely miss now.


On the other hand, when you are traveling abroad or locally, meeting fresh faces and building good friendships along your trip are surely missed. One of the most beautiful things about traveling is meeting locals and tourists like you, so if you find it vital and enjoyable as a traveler, then it is something you unquestionably miss right now too.



You cannot merely travel without eating out! Wherever you are and whatever your plans are, eating out can never be left out of the list. That is one of the biggest part of your travel program for sure, and now that you cannot freely go out, you cannot do that yet as well.


This time, all you can do is get a takeout and go back to your house, or order for a delivery or pick-up, then savor those foods at home. 


When you often travel abroad or to a far local destination, and when you also love going on a staycation, you probably miss those astounding hotels, serviced apartments, inns, lodging and other beautiful accommodation you rest in!


Checking in, preparing your luggage, jumping on to the extremely soft hotel beds, enjoying the luxurious bathtubs, waiting for the sumptuous hotel meals to be served, sniffing the pleasant smelling indoor air, feeling the relaxing atmosphere, going to the balcony for a view of the mesmerizing outdoors and more are truly missed! Just imagining it at the moment makes you miss it.


This lockdown makes you miss all the random strolling you do — times when you can casually commute to the nearest mall or walk to the closest playground park. You also miss randomly dropping by your friend’s house, surprising them with your sweet presence. You miss those times when you tell your mom that you want to unwind somewhere you don’t know yet!


Nowadays, truly, you cannot do them again just yet. Everything everyone does, especially when there’s a neee to go outside, must be with full attention and caution and not just randomly.



Of course, you cannot not miss all of the adventures you go through on a random day you travel to work, to school, to anywhere else.


Also, the adventures you experience abroad and in local adventure spots you have gone to, you want to experience again now.



Some people have plans to travel abroad or to go on an overnight vacation to any local leisure spot, but because of the pandemic lockdown, everything got cancelled or postponed. That makes you miss how you should actually be enjoying the time right now, but you cannot. All you can do for now is to trust that after this crisis is fully finished, all the postponed plans will be pushed through.



Traveling makes you feel free. It is rejuvenating and restoring as well. Unlike when you are just staying at home all day everyday, traveling allows you to be free to go wherever you please. It is something that everybody misses right now: the feeling of freedom as you travel.



If there’s one thing you probably do not miss about traveling is the heavy traffic you encounter daily! Right? 


You absolutely miss traveling for whatever purpose but hang on a little more and stay at home for now because this crisis is going to end soon.



Nicole Ann Pore finds glee in writing about travel — world destinations, accommodation, tourist sites, vacation spots and everything else related to it! For her, the beauty of this world is amazing and worth-sharing, and traveling is one of the purest ways to acknowledge it. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales which provides a rewarding stay and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.


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