5 Methods  to Reset Win 10 password without Reset Disk

If you are suffering from the issue of forgetting windows 10 password no disk then don’t just follow the below steps reset windows 10 administrator password without a disk.


Method 1:- Reset Windows 10 password with security questions


While adding password security to your computer if you added the “Security Question” on your Windows 10 starting with the build 17063 or above then you can use this method. But, if you have the earlier version of Windows or didn’t add any password then this method will not work for you try the next one.

But, the peoples who are eligible for this can use this method because you can reset windows 10 password without disk or USB. After answering all the questions your Windows 10 password reset will be completed.



Method 2:- Windows 10 Password Reset Online


There are three types of accounts, Local, administer and Microsoft. If you have before used Microsoft account with your computer or mobile then you can easily window 10 passwords reset without a disk.


Step1:- Take another computer or your mobile phone and visit to the link given below.



Step 2:- This is the official website of Microsoft to rest the password of their Microsoft account. Just choose I forgot my password it will take you to the next page.


Step 3:- Here enters the details of your account and follow the instruction which is shown to you.


Step 4:- On the last step, you just have to enter the OTP which you will receive on your phone and reset the password.


Step 5:- Set the new password for your computer and log in with that password.



Method 3:- Reset local account forgotten password with another administrator account


If you have created the more than one account in your computer then you can do password reset disk windows with the help of your other account.

Just follow the below instructions to rest the password without a disk.


Step 1:- Login with the account which is available.


Step 2:- Click on the Windows button and here type cmd right click on it and after that choose Run as Administrator.


Step 3:- Now, type in this is Net User user_name new_pasword. For example, the username is John and the password is pwd123.


Step 4:- Now, after doing this the password is saved successfully and now you can log in with the unlock account.


Method 4:- Enable safe mode to reset password


Don’t worry and don’t give up if any above methods are not worked for you. Because you can reset the password of your computer by enabling safe mode. You can boot your windows 10 to safe mode to reset a password with the help of the command prompt.


How to make windows 10 to safe mode:


Step 1:- In the locked screen of your computer login screen just click on the Power button and then click on Restart. At the same time, you have to press the Shift key also.

Step 2:- Now, choose the Troubleshoot and then click to Advanced Option and then tap on Startup settings. Click on the Restart button and press the button F4/F5/F6 and now you will be entered to the safe mode of your Windows 10 default administrator.


Step 3:- Now run the command prompt as administrator. Then reset the windows 10 local admin password with the command line in PC settings.


Method 5: Use password Cracker Tool

“Windows Password key-disk”  is the software that helps to crack the password of Windows 10 and it the local admin password from the system and reset the password of your Microsoft account.

Now, you can run the program on your computer by turning it into CD/DVD/ flash drive and then Boot it with your locked computer to make it bootable and reset the password.


Now, you can do two things,

1. Reset the password with your new password to log in with that password to your computer.

2. Remove the password without a password.


So After doing it all if you still get a problem, you can comment down below