5 books you must read to learn C basic programming


C is a basic programming language that is popular for its flexibility and easy to understand syntaxes. It is a general-purpose and most-taught programming language. It is the predecessor of B language and was developed in 1973 by Dennis Ritchie in Bells lab. Though it has low-level capabilities, its cross-platform abilities and other unique features made it popular in the 1980s and still holds the popularity even today. And it is taught in most of the institutes on initial levels and is the best language, to begin with, if you are a beginner in coding. If one learns C basics, other languages like JAVA, C#, PHP, Python, etc become easy to learn since the fundamental concepts have been in some way borrowed by C. C programming basics for beginners can be easily learned with the help of following mentioned books-:

  1. LET US C – By Yashavant P Kanetkar: For learning any language, it’s alphabet must be understood first. And this book teaches the most basic yet the most essential topics in C programming. Topics like – operators, loops, variables, data types, etc have been explained in layman’s language for better understanding by the students. This book has a good pace, in particular for a beginner, and slowly takes the student to an advanced level of coding in C. Hence, even complex codes also become easy to learn and write!
  2. C PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE – By Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M.Ritchie: Another book for C which is found in the libraries and preferred by the professors is- C Programming Language written by Brian W. Kernighan. It is considered ‘Bibble of C’, simply for one reason- it is written by one of the C creators. Who knows C better than its creator! Dennis Ritchie developed C in 1973 in Bells lab. It gives a clear picture of data structures and is the most used concept in most of the examples. The data structure is an important concept and hence makes it an ideal book for the library of a C programming basics for beginners. Confusing topics like scope rules, declarations, calls, graphs, etc have been explained in detail. This book has many examples that help the student to learn about a variety of codes.
  3. C IN DEPTH- By Deepali Srivastava and S.K.Srivastava: A book from an Indian author is C in-depth and it is preferred by many students for its prosaic language. Every program explanation is available in it and there are over 450 exercises with hints and solutions. As it is said – practice makes perfect, hence by practising questions of varied taste one can be perfect in C. It has all the C programming basics for beginners such as – pointers, functions, control statements, loops, variables, arrays, etc. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that there is an example for every topic with an easy explanation.
  4. TEST YOUR C SKILLS- By Yashavant P. Kanetkar: This book has a unique way of imparting knowledge of concepts of C to its readers. Theoretical concepts are important, but what if you don’t know where and how to use them? The essential concepts of the book hence have been explained through practical examples and questions. There are more than 1000 questions in the book for practising and commanding this language to make games, software, etc. And comprehensive explanations of the codes and concepts are cherry on the top. This book is hence most recommended to the students who are preparing for job interviews in IT companies.
  5. EXPERT C PROGRAMMING: DEEP SECRETS- By Peter Van Der Linden: Every C book offer concepts on basic concepts, then what makes this book special? It shares with the readers the tricks, tips, and secrets of the best coders and the way to approach a coding problem. There are thousands of ways to write code for the same problem. But a program’s speed and memory are the qualities that are judged and can make one a distinct and outstanding coder. The basic concepts have been cleared to an in-depth level. It is a book for those beginners who wants to learn the concepts and implement them also in real life. All these books are good and you must go for one or two of them to learn C.