Different Types of Plumbers

5 Different Types of Plumbers Explained


The plumbing issues that we come across at our homes are some of the most common home chores that we are ignorant about. We overlook plumbing to a level that we choose to go to that one plumber we know to all sorts of plumbing problems.
You may think of your plumber as an expert of everything but the truth is often far from that and you often have to settle with make-do and unsatisfactory work from them. What you need to know is that there are different kinds of plumbers who specialize in working with different kinds of departments and solve people’s problems. Most of us often fail to know it, so here are five different and most common types of plumbers that you must know before making a call for emergency plumbers.

1. Roofing Plumbers

As the name suggests, the roofing plumbers are those who install and maintain the roofing plumbing works including rainwater drainage and flashings. They also look after the installation of roof sheeting and wall claddings. Roofing plumbers come in handy when a new house is being constructed or people are getting their homes ready for the rain and stormy season. Not many Asian countries require works related to roof plumbing, but European and Western countries do need it because of the climates they see.

2. Sanitary Plumbers

You call a sanitary plumber whenever you suspect blockages in pipes, installing or fixing toilet and bathroom plumbing systems and do any work related to drains next to these pipes. Such plumbers expertise in the bathroom works and fixing leakages and damages of taps, pipes, and many-a-times to help in the installation of small water heaters within the space. These are the professionals who can help you avoid breaking of walls or tiles and instead provide better solutions to detect and fix water-leaking problems.

3. Water Supply Plumbers

Mostly, you would not require a plumber for the water supply at home for years if it is installed correctly during the construction of your home. The water supply pipes may sometimes be damaged due to unforeseen events. The poor quality of pipes carrying water may sometimes lead to their failure too. It is the water supply plumbers who fix such problems.

The water supply plumbers install the new supply lines of a home under construction. They also ensure the correct layout of the pipes used for the kitchen and bathroom. You must call a water supply plumber when you experience blockages in the supply pipes or need fittings around them.  

4. Gas Fitting Plumbers

Gas fitting plumbers are needed for fixing and fitting the gas pipelines in a home. While people may try to go DIY for other plumbing problems, they mustn’t try it with the natural gas supply fittings. Leave the gas pipelines to the experts and let them do the installations and fixtures from their experience and training.

Having a gas plumber looking after the fittings will ensure the safety of the people in the house. Unless you suspect any leaks, you will need a gas plumber when you are installing it for the first time, remodeling your home/kitchen, and want to expand the lines to other parts of the home like the fireplace.

5. Drainage Plumbers 

Whenever the drains below sinks, in kitchens, or bathrooms seem to get clogged, it is time for you to call a drainage plumber. These are the plumbers that are one of the most commonly needed ones in the household. Everyone has had drainage problems when the water would just not go down the drain from the sink. It is in these times when you need a drainage plumber to unclog them.

Because the drainage problems are more common, you get drainage plumbers more readily without having to search for them at places. However, there are many online and telephonic plumber booking services that can end your woes of searching a plumber in times of emergencies. So, next time you see plumbing trouble at home, just pick up your phone and dial them up.