Best Inverters for Home in India 2019 2020

6 Best Inverters for Home in India 2019/2020

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For a country like India, where power failures and load shedding can be very frequent, getting inverters for home becomes essential. The power demands of the cities have been on the rise for years now, and the electricity providers keep filing to meet them. 

In such scenarios, one cannot only sit and hope for these companies to improve. It is here where the inverters and their importance come in.

If you realize the importance of it and looking to buy an inverter for your home then there has never been a better time to do so. The market is full of impressive options for you to buy an inverter today. 

Here is the list of 6 Best Inverters for Home in India in 2019/2020. These are some of the finest options among the available inverters in the market today. Check them out and choose one for your home that suits your needs.

1. V-Guard Prime 1150

V-Guard Prime 1150 pure sine wave inverter is what you must go for if you want a new-age appliance to take care of your home power needs. The high-performance selection switch on V-Guard prime allows you to move to a better performance mode on the inverter. Prime 1150 retails at 9500 INR.

It can satisfactorily fulfill any home needs and even small offices. Prime comes with 800 W output power and surge rating of 2000 VA.  Such ratings are suitable for areas where power-cut is very frequent. So, if you are looking to buy or get an inverter on rent in Gurgaon choose inverters with similar specs.

2. Microtek UPS SEBz

Microtek UPS can always be bought with the trust over the services they provide. Microtek UPS SEBz is one amongst the long-range of inverters by the company. It is a top-quality inverter that will ensure the running and safety of all your home appliances.

Marked at Rs. 5600, Microtek UPS SEBz is available with most inverter stores and online shopping sites. It can too be suited for small offices and homes. It gives your devices a long life by providing the output at 200 to 230V and provides a 2-year on-site warranty. 

3.  Luminous Zelio+

For many people, the looks of the inverter also make an important feature to buy, and for such buyers, Luminous Zelio+ is an option. Retailing at Rs. 10,000, Luminous Zelio+, Luminous Zelio+ comes with an LED panel and combination of black and blue colors to maintain your home beautiful while always keeping your home powered up in the absence of power.

It can give as much as 8 hours of back uptime, with an output voltage of 220V-230V. Amongst the most efficient inverters out there, Luminous Zelio+ is perfect for home settings that have basic appliances and compatible refrigerators.  

4. Amaron 880va Pure Sine Wave Inverter 

Amaron will cost you around Rs. 7000 rupees and take care of all the needs of a small home. Do not expect the device to power up your refrigerators or Air conditioners, but it will instead ensure your lightings and fans work.

Amaron is a fine inverter device if you are looking for a basic and less expensive option. It comes with a 230 V output and backup time of four hours. It is small in size and hides in corners of your home. It comes in uncomplicated white color and has less to no noise that it makes.


Another pure wave sine inverter to feature in our list of top 6 is the EXIDE PURE SINE WAVE 12V 1050 VA.  It comes with a backup time of 5 hours and takes the automatic route to keep your no-electricity sessions cut to a minimum. It comes at a cost of Rs. 8000, and fits perfect for homes that have not many high-voltage appliances. 

6. V-Guard Smart Pro 1200

V-Guard Smart Pro is another modern-age inverter that comes with mobile capabilities. It does cost Rs. 12,000 if you wish to buy it, but it does offer a lot for what it is priced at. The device has Bluetooth capabilities to give you the details stats of the battery, water topping notification, back uptime, and a lot more.

Different modes go with this inverter. The modes include specialized functions to support heavy appliances. It has a separate V-Guard app that goes with it.

 You can use the app to switch modes and get stats as mentioned. It comes with 800 watts of power and 2000 A surge rating. It is sufficiently equipped to take care of overload situations.

So, this concludes the list of 6 Best Inverters for Your Home in India 2019. You can explore more options or choose to go anyone of these best-in-market options for your home. These inverters will not disappoint you with their performances.


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