Some Essential Tips to Take Better Care of Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

You’ve researched all about the amazing qualities of Himalayan salt lamps, and you can’t wait for it to fix the suffocating air in your house. Maybe even do away with your headache in the process. For the most part, rock salt lamps are an uneventful bunch that requires minimum care. It is a lamp, foremost. However, the presence of natural Himalayan salt means you will face some problems from time to time.

Rather than ending up with a bunch of easily solved problems, how about we look at some of the ways we can take care of our crystal salt lamps.

  1. Cleaning the Lamp

We know you are unlikely to try it with an electrical appliance anyway, but a word of precaution. Never in your attempt to clean the salt lamp do you submerge it in water to give it a good wash. For the most part, the salt lamp would be cleansing itself naturally anyway. This is due to the antibiotic properties found in the Himalayan crystals. As such, it does not need any kind of long term contact with water.

In the event when it does get dusty, first, you need to turn off the lamp and unplug it. Let the salt inside the lamp, which is surely hot by now, cool down to normal room temperature. Grab a washcloth or sponge and moisten it with water. However, do not let it drip with water. The best way to make sure it stays relatively dry is to squeeze out the water from the sponge.

As gently as you can, pat away any dust or debris you find on the surface of the lamp. Once done, take out another dry cloth and wipe away any remaining moisture on the surface. After that, you can set up the lamp as it was before and plug it back in. Once turned on and fully working again, the refreshed salt crystals will evaporate any remaining moisture.

  1. Sweaty Lamp

In general, try to use the salt lamp as much as you can. If possible, keep it on at all times. It barely costs you any electricity. If you are not going to be using the salt lamp for some period of time, try not to leave it somewhere humid or outside- that is, in places the crystal salt can easily come in contact with the elements. Bathroom, window sill, the kitchen, anywhere a large amount of moisture is present in the air will never be an ideal location for your salt lamp.

This is because one of the biggest advantages of the Himalayan salt lamp is that it removes the germs present in the air by absorbing the floating droplets that act as carriers for them. The clean water is evaporated back into the surface by the crystal salt. The remaining particles which were absorbed stay trapped inside the lamp. Commonly known as hygroscopy- it is somewhat guaranteed the Himalayan salt lamp is going to sweat a little.

Usually, if you live in a dry climate, the sweating will barely have any effect on the outside of the salt lamp. The moisture gets evaporated back into the atmosphere before it can make a home on the surface of the lamp and then eventually drip down it to melt all over your table.

The same can’t be said for a person living in an area with mostly humid weather all year round. In this case, the lamp absorbs an even greater amount of moisture than it would normally do, and as such, the amount of water dripping out would be more too. It doesn’t help that in a humid climate, the moisture is already so high in the air, that everything is sweating a bit anyway, and it takes a longer time to absorb it back into the atmosphere.

Two of the ways to prevent this is to keep the lamp on all day and night and set it up in a relatively dry location. The third option is to buy a bulb with a high wattage. The more heat it generates, the faster will be the rate of evaporation. However, in your haste, do not go around exceeding the previous specification for the wattage set by the manufacturer. You should find it stamped in the bulb housing.

  1. Pick a Right Place for your Lamp

When you get your salt lamp, it won’t come assembled. It’s for the best that you know how to set it up, not only for the first time but also if you need to set it up later in the future.

The first step would be to unwrap the plastic cover from the lamp. You need to get rid of the silica gel packet that came with the lamp. As the gel is toxic, you need to throw it away without dishing out any damage to the plastic.

Your salt lamp would come with a screw-in bulb. Unplug the cord and screw the bulb inside the globe holder. You need to squeeze the metal spring arms on the globe holder as you are inserting the bulb. From the bottom of the lamp, insert it into the visible opening. Ensure that the wire goes through pre-cut wire snips. Once you are done, place the lamp wherever you want to set it up. The metal arm will keep the bulb from falling out of the lamp.

To turn on the lamp, plug it in and switch it on. In the event you decide to change the position of the lamp, always make sure to turn it off first before displacing it.

Another precautionary step you can take is to keep your hands clean before you start on the setup process. The natural moisture from your palm can seep into the bulb, which is capable of cracking the glass and causing a fuse. The best option would be to rely on a glove before you get your hands on the bulb.

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