What are the main causes of obesity?

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Nowadays obesity is spreading around the world like an epidemic and there are a number of reasons. But now it is revealed that there is no more food, but one more common cause.

In fact, overuse of sweet drinks or soft drinks can lead to obesity. This was revealed in a UK medical study.

Aberdeen University research suggests that the use of sweetened drinks was previously thought to be one of the factors leading to obesity. And also looked at the effects of sugar on body weight in solid or fluid form.

In this regard, the researchers created 2 groups of mice and consumed sugar for 8 weeks in solid food or beverage form. And also contained 73% of the added sugar dietary calories.

Researchers monitored the rats’ body weight, body fat, calorie intake and its use for energy while also looking at their glucose and insulin response.

The results showed that the animals that were consumed with sweetened beverages increased their body weight and fat significantly. While the rats that consumed the solid form were found to be thinner and metabolically more healthy than their peers.

The study found that the consumption of sweetened beverages reduced glucose tolerance in mice, while insulin resistance was increased. They are both indicators of diabetes risk.

However, researchers say this was not a direct result of excessive sugar consumption, but rather a result of increased body fat.

Researchers say that the results suggest that sweet drinks can be the cause of obesity.

Earlier, numerous research reports on humans have also explored the relationship between consumption of sweetened beverages and total calories. And indicating that decomposing more carbohydrates into the fluid form will increase fat as compared to solid form. Can cause

Researchers say data supports the notion that sweet drinks can lead to obesity and insulin resistance from the diet.

The results of this study were published in the medical journal Molecular Metabolism.

In 2017, the USDA Agricultural Research Service of the USDA Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center said that one-third of the calories in these sweet drinks. Do not burn, while they reduce the efficiency of fat-soluble metabolism.

When this happens the body spends less of the energy it receives from a diet and begins to store it in the form of fat.

Experiments on different volunteers showed that this sweet beverage slows down the process of dissolving fat molecules.

Researchers say that the use of these drinks along with the diet increases the number of calories in the body. While slowing down the process of fat intake, resulting in drowsiness.