Doing less work in the office is harmful or beneficial?

Doing less work in the office is harmful or beneficial?

It is a common belief that when a hard worker retires, they are confused on graduation days because they have nothing to do.

For those whose purpose in life is only linked to their profession, life without work is miserable.

Working out becomes a routine for the entire week. Living in the future may be viewed as a disturbing and unhealthy activity. It may lead people to activities like crime and drugs.

Andrew Yang, the president of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in the United States. And also the founder of the job-creating social organization.’ Ventures say that’ statistics, general observation, and human experience make it clear that a large number of people without work Suffering from a difficult situation. ‘

They think, ‘We have a lot of time but we are tired and not willing to do anything voluntarily. In our spare time, we play video games and drink alcohol. In general, society gets very weak without work. ‘

But what if people became supporters of social activities? It will be difficult, but can it make people more creative and move forward for political or social service?

‘Just being busy is not a sign of work’

sing of work

Salaried employment is not the only way to live an active life.

The idea of ​​’akigai’ in Japan encourages people to be happy in life. Accordingly, people should get up early in the morning to engage in some activity. So that they can find a reason to wake up in the morning.

In 2010, women and men were surveyed in Japan, suggesting that less than a third of people consider their work to be equivalent to ‘akigai’. And they refer to their retirement from their hobbies, unpaid work, and relationships.

Graduation is not always comfortable:

women work

Women are always overworked but their work is not the same as paid work.

From childcare to elderly parenting services and housework to social and other responsibilities, women spend a lot of time.

Reducing workloads can be a source of time and energy for unpaid work. But companies and governments should not rely on people working for free to spend on specific services.

Long vacations can be expensive:


Short-term holiday weekend trials have revealed that over-the-weekend employees. Whose salaries are equal, spend their spare time in various activities, ranging from playing golf to working seniors. I also include handmade.

Alexandra Hartnell, who works as a marketing and communications consultant in London, thinks she feels comfortable working as a freelancer. Because of this, they decided that they would not work more than four days a week.

Now she spends extra time on her favorite environmental issues. She works in the public interest for an environmental-related trust.

It relieves their personality and they want to be active in these tasks.

Now Hartnell also recognizes that economic security ensures their voluntary activities.

It can cause inequality?

cause inequality

Philip Rack, a professor of labor history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He warns that working four days a week may indicate that the benefits of such work-exempt work can only be reached by professional employees such as Hartnell.

Many people whose employment status is not good, whose wages are low or their retirement money bothers them. And volunteering is unbearable.

Graduation is nothing more than a deception for them as they desperately look for another job to increase their income.

Rick says this is possible. According to his suggestion, “If we as a society recognize that it is more appropriate to work 28 hours a week instead of 40 hours. Which in turn, can lead to better income.”

“I still doubt how common are part-time labor, low-paying jobs or zero-hour contracts.”

In the debate about working fewer days a week, it is important to keep in mind. That a reasonable income may be possible for everyone around the world or that there is no deduction for wages due to reduced work hours.

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Will it help others as well?

help others as well?

Another challenge is that reducing work hours does not necessarily. Mean that people will automatically take part in welfare activities for the betterment of society.

In fact, Melanie Oppenheimer of the University of Tokyo, who is also an Australian actress. Says that people in the 35- to 44-year-old who are responsible for childcare, or in other words, very busy people who volunteer. They also spend more time in activities.

Contrary to what many people think of volunteering, the definition of volunteer work is very broad. Becoming the referee of a school football match for children and helping to bring in newcomers to the city, contributing to the Citizens Science Project And conducting religious festivals.

Oppenheimer believes that the lack of time to participate in such activities is not a major obstacle. Helping people who want to participate in volunteer activities and be guided by such opportunities.

It’s not that bad:

There is no detailed research on what people will spend their leisure time doing after less than five days a week.

But people are still pushing the demand by saying that they should work fewer days. They will have more leisure time, their health will improve, their creativity will increase, the family will get more. Time and be able to participate in political activities. And this is very important.

Other ways to measure wealth:

Is Will working longer help us change ourselves in the future? That is, what we think of ourselves and how we interact with others.

“I think you identify with your work,” says Hartnell, a communications consultant. And she would prefer not to spend less time on compensatory. Work that she thinks is no longer part of her identity. ‘

In the future, when asked, ‘What do you do?’ So there will be many different answers to this question instead of the current job.

This is a great opportunity to envision this shift of work on a larger scale as well.

Sarath Dwolla is associated with the Department of Social Sciences in Hyderabad India. And is also the Vice-Chairman of ‘Better Income Earth Network’. The network is a charity that works for the minimum wage and welfare of the workers.

He says the world now needs a massive measure of success and well-being, regardless of what work gets. And how people spend time with work.

They cite Bhutan’s overall national happiness and New Zealand peoples’ index as a measure that emphasizes. The happiness of citizens rather than capital.