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I think chest exercise is the favorite exercise of every fitness athlete. Have you ever wondered what exercise is top for building chest muscles? You no longer have to wrestle with this issue! Here is our selection of the top 10 exercises on the chest muscles.

There are dozens of exercises for chest muscles. Only the database on contains at least 84 such exercises, but you maybe don’t have the want to spend a few days trying all the exercises on the chest muscles. We did this work for you and selected the most effective basic exercises on the chest.

Please note this list does not include too heavy exercise. It includes only the best exercises for the chest to grow muscle mass with a few instructions and tips for their implement. You can include any of them in your chest muscle training program, or change one exercise to extrawhen you want to try something new.

Best Exercises For The Chest Muscles


So let's finally go to our list of the top 2 chest exercises in the gym, listed in no exact order. Some people do it at home through a portable dip bar stand or other home gym equipment. In it, you will find basic exercises on the chest muscles, as well as separating, depending on the purpose of the workout.

Bench Press Lying


This exercise for the chest muscles is well right for working out the middle and lower parts of the chest muscles, but it requires proper technique. You can generate maximum effort by performance various barbell exercises, so the standard bench press allows you to lift the maximum weight. Also, this exercise on the chest allows you to better balance weight than exercise with heavy dumbbells. The performing bench press is easy to ensure and comparatively easy to master. There are many differences of this exercise for training your chest muscles that you can use to increase strength and mass.


Place In The Training Program


Perform a bench press at the beginning of training on the chest muscles, using large weights, but limited to a small number of repetitions. Try different width of the grip for a more detailed study of the chest muscles.


1.Dumbbell Bench Press On A Horizontal Bench.

An excellent exercise to pump all parts of the chest muscles. It involves the upper, middle, and lowers parts of the thoracic.

Exercises for the chest with dumbbells allow each part of the body to move freely of the other; this includes stabilizing muscles. The dumbbell bench press requires additional efforts to balance them, as it is necessary to maintain the correct trajectory continually. this is one of the best chest routine


Dumbbells also provide an opportunity to increase the fullness of movements compared to the bench press, both in the lower and in the upper phase of the exercise. The dumbbell bench press on a horizontal bench will allow you to lift quite a lot of weight, and can also be a good alternative to the long-established barbell bench press.


Perform a dumbbell bench press on a horizontal bench at the beginning of the training of the chest muscles, using large weights with a small number of repetitions. Usually, we do not recommend this exercise in addition to the bench press, because these exercises are very similar. Their identity was confirmed by electromyography, which revealed no important differences between them in muscle activation. If you regularly use pull up bar before starting exercise it will plus point.



2 Low-Incline Barbell Bench Press















There are different benches available which can be fixed at different angles according to the requirement of the use, and these benches allow you to include low-incline barbell bench press in your workout routine. It helps you to lift weight to the chest with different angles. This exercise is the best chest routine for those who want to focus on the upper chest exercises as compared to other exercises. So you can use adjustable benches with the Smith machines as well to lift weight at low-incline. It is advisable that people should start with different inclines and then choose one which they feel more result full


3 Machine Decline Press


















There are various machines like the Hammer Strength machine which allows you to move your arm independently. This is considered as the best exercise routine for chest exercise. You can replace the machine decline press with the manual decline press. To do this, you need to side on the sideway and press your body with one arm at one time. Now change weapons one by one, and this allows you to do the exercise without the help of any machine. You can initially concentrate on the muscle actions and then move on to the intense actions of the routine. You can include free-weight exercises in this routine as well.


4 Seated Machine Chest press


This exercise is one of the best chest workout routine consists of a flat bench on which you need to sit and lift the weight with your arms independently. Initially, it is recommended to lift the weight slowly and then give it apace. But never do excessive pulls because it may cause muscle pull and some other kind of injury as well. So add this exercise routine in your schedule slowly. There are various versions of seated machine chest press available, and you need to choose a stable one according to your requirements. After adding this routine in your schedule, do it twice in a day firstly at the starting and then at the end of the workout.




















5 Incline Dumbbell Press













Dumbbell press is one of the top chest exercises and recommended by all the experts. But Dumbbell press on an adjustable bench can help you to do this exercise routine with your comfort. Some of the people face problems with the pain surface benches, and they need different angles to do the Dumbbell press exercise. It also helps to hit the muscles on different angles and degrees, which build more strength thoroughly. You can also experiment crazier pumps along with this exercise to rotate the dumbbells from one arm to another.


6 Dips for Chest
















Dips should emphasize the Pecs of the body and make sure that you are doing dips, which focus on the Pecs of the body. For this, you need to put your feet behind, and then lean forward as far as possible. This will allow you to flare your eyebrows out as dip. Chest dips are considered as the best alternative to the decline press routine. If you are strong enough, then you can move your lower-chest as well for the better results. It will also help you to do some big pump pushups at the end of the workout. Dips are the best chest workout for mass


7 Incline Bench Cable Fly
















This is one of our favourite incline exercise routines. It is helpful to isolate Pecs when you complete your multipoint exercise routines. Fly cables is a way to complete your multipoint exercise routine. If you are not good at the chest pumps, then this is the best thing for you. It is preferred to do this routine at the end of the workout to build muscle strength

If your chest muscles are a week and did not grow,I recommended that you daily do these 2 exercises. These chest workout program will help you more build chest muscle. If you like this article, please comment and share. THANKS

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