Credit Card Hacks That Could Help You to Save Thousands of Bucks


Credit card is more than a piece of Plastic card in your wallet to pay for goods and services. They give you a tremendous opportunity to save your money and earn various rewards which include travel, cash back, gift cards and many more goods.

But again it is not that simple you think of. The lucrative you are shown are tricky and you should know how to play the game. And if you don’t know that, here are tricks and hacks you should know to save your money and get the most out of your Credit Card transactions.


Make the Habit of Online Use


Some credit cards have designated the areas on their site where you can shop easily instead of shopping directly at the stores or airline sites. Not only that this shopping also gives you the opportunity to save and your bucks and also earn some extra points per dollar spent and this further can be redeemed at various redeem points supporting the credit card.

You should not go with the ATM transactions by using the credit card or it results in some sort of penalty and the credit card is meant to be used for only the online transactions.


Scrawl Through the Discount Categories 


There are some credit Card reward programs which even offers the extra cash back on the categories that rotate every quarter like or American Express, etc.

“Most people just use one card for all of their spendings, which could cost them valuable points and miles,” said Eric Rosenberg, who is the personal finance and travel expert at Personal Profitability.


Make sure to use the only credit card which is supporting the purchase bonus on that particular. For example, if the credit card gives you gas purchase discount, then use it for purchasing the gas and for that, you can even label that card with gas to remember.


Take Care of Your Due Dates


You have your monthly billing cycle clearly mentioned in your statement. And hence make sure that you clear all your dues by that date anyhow and anyway.

And suppose that you have made some purchase between October 12th to 13th and your payment will be due almost 30 days later, let’s suppose it is the 11th of November.

And if you want to make you big purchase around Oct. 12th and 13th then you should better wait for 14th if possible because with this simple process you will be able to shift your due date to one month later that is in December and this way you can simply hack and save money by getting an extra month to pay for the expensive items by just waiting a few days.


Don’t Simply Dismiss the Card by Seeing Annual Fees


There can be 3 cases while you are choosing for the Credit Card, it can either charge an annual fee, no annual fee for the first year or no annual fee at all. Normally you will find the credit cards providing the generous reward programs such as travel credit cards are the ones who charge the annual fee, but one a year annual fee can be very worthy sometimes.


The card may charge you some annual charges but it is very tiny when compared to the reward collectively you are going to earn throughout the year. For instance, if you are getting $400 signup bonus from one card that cost me $85 per year then what is wrong in it.


Ask the Issuer for Annual Fee Waived


Irrespective to the above case, if you are stuck with the annual fee paying process for a credit card you keep, this isn’t worthy anyway if you are not taking the full advantages of their rewards.

So, before you are going for the annual card renewal process, call the card issuer and ask them to wave it off and they may do so since they further have to retain their business with you.

Check out Your Credit Card Offer Time to Time

There are various offers available time to time for the limited time period and this you can check online.

And when you find an offer that you think you will use, what simply you will have to do is that add your card and you will get a huge discount which results in saving your money. And even the deal changes every time and you will have to pay attention to avail it. 


Buy Gift Cards to Get Rewards


If your goal is actually saving money, then redeem your points for gift cards which will help you for saving your money on your bills. You can also save your money when you are opting for buying the credit cards. Let’s suppose if you have bought the grocery stuff then you can easily earn the cashback on your grocery gift cards or you otherwise won’t be earning any points. It is just like getting a discount on the gift card itself. 


Get a Travel Credit Card


This is beneficial for those who have to travel frequently either for the office work or for themes fun because you are going to be delighted by the rewards offered by travel credit card.

Linda says “Although some cards have limits, others let you use your free night almost anywhere and even at high-end properties. With the IHG Rewards Select Credit Card, for example, you get a free night at any IHG property worldwide each year you keep the card. That includes high-end properties that can cost up to $1,000 per night during high season.”




By now you might have understood that having a credit card is not an issue but not knowing to use it is a big issue indeed. From the above few examples and Credit Card Hacks That Could Help You to Save Thousands of Bucks, you have seen that by taking care of these small things you can easily save thousands of bucks annually without compromising your spending and purchase and the credit card will not stand on your way.

There are other tricks and hacks also which helps you with the extra saving of credit card. The simple thing is that before subscribing for the credit card, simply read the terms and conditions and benefit testimonials of the card and this simple step can help you use the card wisely.

Hopefully, this article has given you the answer to your query and inspection related to credit card hacks. If you find it helpful, drop your feedback in the comment section below.