How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

Apple has the feature of “Activation Lock” in its iPhones to protect the personal information of the user. If the iPhone of anyone is lost then they can enable this “Activation Lock” with the help of “Find My iPhone”.

But, what are you find someone else iPhone and want to find their belongings? But, it may have an Activation Lock there are many reasons behind to Unlock this “Activation Lock” to bypass.


Most of the time we purchase the second-hand iPhone from someone else or from the retailer and sometimes by mistake or for taking some extra money from you they sell the phone which has “Activation Lock” but, for removing it you have to enter the Apple ID and the Password which is only known by the owner of it.


But, don’t worry after reading this article you can remove the icloud activation lock without a password. So, let’s see how to bypass icloud activation lock for free.


How to Bypass Activation Lock on iPhone


There are many methods to Bypass the “Activation Lock” on the iPhone. You may require some third-party applications to remove this “Activation Lock” from the iPhone. The “Activation Lock” is updating by Apple every year and it not much stuff to bypass this feature.


1. Remove iCloud Activation Lock by removing the device from iCloud

Most of the time to save some money we purchase the second-hand iPhone from any retailer or from ebay, olx etc. But, if the iPhone has Activation lock then we are unable to use it and we face the problem. You can do iphone 8 activation lock bypass and ios 11 activation lock bypass or every type of iPhone by following this step:-

  • Contact the seller from whom you purchase the iPhone.

  • Tell them to visit and sign in to this site with their Apple ID and Password.

  • Select the FindiPhone and select the device which you want to remove from icloud.

  • Once the icloud account is deleted the previous Apple ID is no more connected with the icloud and now the iCloud activation lock is removed from your iPhone.


2. Remove iCloud Activation Lock Without Password


In most of the cases you may have the Apple ID with you but don’t know the password. You can use a tool name as LockWiper, this third-party tool will help you to remove the Apple ID and password.

But, this tool is not paid. It cost only $39. You can also use its free version maybe it will help you to bypass it and remove the Apple ID and password.


3. Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool

You can use this tool iCloudin it is a free tool. This tool is easy to use and you can find many tutorials on their website which will help you to remove the Activation lock from iPhone.

I think you must try thus free Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Tool.

Advantages of this Tool


1. The best part of this tool is everyone can use it because it is free and has a very simple user interface.


2. If you not a techy boy then don’t worry you can find most of the tutorials available on their official website and on the Internet.

Disadvantage if this Tool


1. The website is now outdated and it does not have many reviews now to check it’s efficiency. You have to test it by yourself to know about this tool.


4. How to Bypass Activation Lock with DNS Method for free


For unlocking this Activation Lock for free you can use this DNS method it does not require any type of rocket science or any money to unlock your iPhone Activation Lock.


Make sure that you must have an activated SIM card in your iPhone.

Step 1:- Turn ON your iPhone and select the language and country.


Step 2:- If your iPhone not showing the “i” Button then press the Home button and then go to a More WiFi setting.


Step 3:- Keep in mind that your device is not connected to any network. If it is connected to any network then go to “I” button and then “Forgot the network” which is connected.


Step 4:- Again Click on “i” button and enter any one DNS from the following:

USA / North America:



Rest of the world:


Step 5:- Now, go back and connect your iPhone with any WiFi network and insert the password, when you click on connect it will take you to the next page. Don’t go to the next page just go back.


Step 6:- When you Go back the iCloud screen bypass will pop-up.