Things to do and see in Nan – Thailand

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Nan is a beautiful place addressed in northern Thailand, lying at a distance of 668 km from Bangkok. The city is primarily devoted to administrative, commercial, hospital, and educational activities. This small place includes a number of amazing sightseeing destinations, museums, and many other tourist attractions.


Popular attractions in Nan:


    If you are fond of witnessing the wildlife and nature’s beauty thenDoiPhuKha National Park will prove out to be an ideal destination. It is the largest national park in Nan province includes a number of amazing attractions for the visitors.


    Phu Sang National Park is one of the “must visit” Nan attractions amongst visitors. If you are looking forward to a nice jungle walk then make sure you list this place in your to-visit-list.

     For the ones that love exploring history should visit WatPhumin. This popular national museum unfolds history very beautifully. You’ll love visiting the place. 

Getting aroundNan:

     Nan is a small town; hence, you can easily get around the place on foot. Motorcycle, taxi, trolleybus, and trishaw are also an alternative to travel from one destination to the other, though. You can find train service from Phra Province to Nan. You may check out the schedule of buses running from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phitsanulok and Phrae to Nan on the web.




Best time to travel:


   Best time to visit Nani's autumn. The weather in the city from October to March is pleasant and convenient for traveling. Also, December being a festive month offers a good treat of fun and enjoyment to the tourists.


Things-to-do in Nan- for tourists:


     Annual longboat racing is a fun activity for boast race lovers. You can also participate in the event. Being a part of the cheering squad on the bank of Nan River is also joyful and rumbustious, though. Indeed, this is one of the best things to do in Nan.

   You will also love visiting the NamatsakanPhrathatBengSakat Fair. It is organized around January.

     If you love exploring the local ceremonies of the places then make sure you witness the Khrua Than Festival.


Places to dine in Nan:


     Boast restaurant of Nan is known for its English menu, Thai and western menu. It is also a good option for ice-cream lovers.

      If you are looking for some good place offering an amazing breakfast buffet then head towards the Dhevee Coffee shop.     

       If you are still wondering where to eat inNanthen DoReMi will for decent dining.


Best Hotels in Nan:   


 For the individuals seeking mid-range accommodation, Fahthanin Hotel will prove out to be the thebest place to stay in Nan. You will love this place for its good services.

City Park Hotel is an ideal option for those looking for splurge accommodation options.       This luxury hotel holds popularity for its flawless customer service and luxury rooms.

If you are looking for the best options for you then you will surely loveSasidara Resort. This resort is an ideal destination to enjoy beachside accommodation. You can get yourself pampered with luxury here.