places to visit in kolkata

Kolkata ‘city with a soul’, if you visit Kolkata once you'll realise that the tagline is nothing but justified. Kolkata has a charm that makes the difference. We have beautiful tourist places in Kolkata. 

When in Kolkata you probably shouldn't miss a single thing starting from exploring the different cultures to visit new places and tasting the delicious street food which you won't be getting anywhere else. Honestly, the list of places to visit when you're in Kolkata is somehow too big. But here are few that you must visit to know this beautiful soul. we will see some places to visit in kolkata

Places to visit in Kolkata

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1.Victoria memorial.

The monument is encircled by a lush green and well-kept garden spreading over 64 acres and containing countless statues and carvings. A sixteen-foot high bronze victory sculpture, installed at the edge of the monument on ball bases, helps to enhance the general attraction and grandeur of the whole building. Victoria Memorial is amazing and wonderful when it is illuminated, particularly at night. The shows of Sound and Light that take place at night are an added delight and a must watch. All in all, the place is a must-visit in the modern world for people to want to relive the essence of the Victorian era. Its one of the famous tourist places in Kolkata


This opulent white marbled house was constructed to honour her 25 years of reign over India in honour of Queen Victoria and is almost a copy of London's Victoria Memorial. Victoria Memorial is a synonymous building of the town of happiness

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2.Howrah bridge.

Howrah Bridge is an important Kolkata landmark, a huge steel bridge built over the Hooghly River. It is regarded as one of the world's shortest cantilever bridges. It links Howrah and Kolkata, also recognized as Rabindra Setu. It holds over 100,000 cars and numerous visitors on a weekly basis and is as historic as big as it is. But the bridge's opulence goes alive at night as it's all illuminated. You can also take a boat trip from the start ghat as it goes from Kolkata to Howrah. Howrah bridge in Kolkata is the best place to visit in Kolkata.


3.Old Chinatown.

Old Chinatown is a small market of wholesalers in Kolkata. You can find everything at cheap prices here from pottery to clothing and home furnishings. There are also a lot of potters that can be seen here who make kali idols and sell them during the seasons. Old Chinatown also consists of many ancient temples that are a must if you are planning to visit the place.

One of the most preferred places to visit in Kolkata, old Chinatown is the place if you want to take back souvenirs along.


4.Kalighat Kali temple.

One of India's 51 Shakti Sthals, Kalighat Temple is one of India's most frequented Kali shrines. The place is where the right foot fingers of Sati crashed during the Rudra Taandav naach of Shiva.

Laks of devotees visit this place during the Navratri season and also tourists come from across the globe to witness the Kali pooja.


5.South Park Cemetery.

South Park Street Cemetery is one of the world's oldest non-church cemeteries in the 18th century. It is now in Kolkata a historic site protected by India's Archeological Survey. Most of the South Park Street Cemetery's graves are lovely in aesthetics and very appealing. Therefore, it has a distinctive appeal that attracts big amounts of visitors.

Some graves have a mysterious atmosphere while others have a relaxing atmosphere. One such tomb is the earliest grave number 363 belonging to a lady who never wanted her identity to be disclosed. The design of the grave is predominantly a mixture of Gothic and Indo-Saracen with miniature stone replicas. Tourists love to visit here and this makes it a most loves places to visit in Kolkata.


6.Belur math.

Spreading over forty acres of property on the left bank of the Hooghly River, Belur; the Belur Math in Kolkata is a location of worship and the Ramakrishna Math and Mission centre. People from all over the globe visit the church to appreciate the tranquillity and serenity it imbues, regardless of the faith they think in

Also, individuals who are not involved in faith come to Belur Math to experience and enjoy the peace it spreads to the surroundings and eventually to the internal self. The church is known for its outstanding design, which fuses artistically and skillfully.