Steps for creating a Wikipedia page for yourself

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Since its inception, Wikipedia has maintained a standard for quality, and over time, it became one of the top few platforms over the internet. With businesses, trying to make their way to the top of the internet search engine, wiki-marketing became a thing that is accepted and invested in. For creating a Wikipedia page, a writer will have to look into rules and policies.

Creating a Wikipedia page and publishing wiki article is a challenging domain that requires expertise and knowledge.


For getting a Wikipedia page that is accepted by the moderators, immediately a person can look into online guides, which provide information over questions like how to get a Wikipedia profile. However, if you are not an expert writer and if you do not know much about creating a wiki page, then you should read this article.


Listed below are essential aspects, which are needed to be taken care of and followed for entering the wiki community smoothly, even if you do not have any experience. It will also help those who want to make a prominent business identity over the internet.


1. Go through the research process:

Wikipedia is an authentic platform, and all the information that is presented in wiki articles is trusted and taken from credible sources. Therefore, when you make up your mind for writing a wiki article about your business, you will have to research and analyses your topic and your presence over the internet. Make sure that the information that you collect is taken from credible sources. For targeting the reliable source of information, you should know the techniques required for research. If you know the necessary research tools and techniques for collecting credible information, then you will be able to become a wiki expert in no time.


You can use the WP: RA tool. Using the Wikipedia request article tool, you can read recently posted content over the wiki platform, and you can look for available topics to write. It presents to you a list of libraries which have questions for you to choose from and start writing.


2. cite your sources:

The first most integral step to creating a wiki article is that you have to use information from credible sources alone. Not just that you will have to cite your sources. Experts and moderators at Wikipedia are critical about the origins of knowledge. As the source of information is what makes it reliable or unreliable. Therefore it is essential for readers and the platform's standard. When you post a piece of information at this platform, make sure that you cite the correct source. Conventional sources, like newspaper publications, are giving more importance.


3. write your post using the sandbox:

The sandbox is an editing window that is provided in the wiki platform. It is an excellent tool for writers to use when writing an article. It is efficient to use when editing, reviewing and formatting an essay. It is essential because it provides the writer with an environment that the writeup will get after going through the publishing process. It allows the writer to make necessary changes in their content according to the layout.


4. make edits, submit and then wait for approval:

The next thing to do is to make your article go through mandatory editing and proofreading phase, after when you have fixed and corrected all the errors that you find. You can submit your post after when you are done going through this process. When you are providing your article, it does not mean that you are publishing it. When you submit your report for approval professional wiki editors, and moderators proofread your content for seeing if your writeup is written while keeping ll the wiki rules and regulations in mind or not. Getting your post approved might take a little time. Therefore, you will have to wait patiently for the final process to complete.


5. register an account:

Creating your wiki account is essential before you go on and write your article you should get yourself registered. Getting a personal Wikipedia account will make the publishing process easier for you. It also allows you to monitor and trace the changes made in your published wiki article. You will be able to get constant updates and keep an eye out for false edits made.