Things to Prepare Before Traveling in The Summer

Before each trip, it's best to have a to-do list, items to wear and turn to check to make sure not to forget anything.

1. Schedule, check places, play places and weather conditions


This is the first thing you have to think about when preparing for a trip. Knowing where to go to the tourist destination will help you not be too surprised when you go there.

On the peak of summer, you should book a hotel room in advance. At the same time contact transportation, buy train tickets or airline tickets for both directions to and from. Understanding the weather at the destination will help you have the option to bring the item you need to bring. Note that avoid the storm


2. Identification


Copy and bring copies with important documents: passport, visa, airline ticket, hotel booking documents or other services, Leave the main papers and copies in 2 different places in the suitcase, in case of losing the original, there are still copies. Particularly for the main papers, you can store them neatly in bags worn by people to facilitate reporting and careful care in crowded places.


If there are children accompanying, must bring a birth certificate for the child. If you drive a car, you cannot lack a driver's license or insurance.


Some people who are careful also bring a record of the list of items they have brought in order to check it when they leave or report when they lose their luggage. Or 2 personal photos, a copy of personal information in your passport to use when losing your passport.


Take a small notebook to keep track of addresses, phone numbers, and emails that can be contacted if you have problems to solve. In the case of travelling by tour, there must be the information of the tour organizer, if it is foreign travel, it is necessary to have information about the embassy.


Remember to hold money. If you go abroad, you should change the currency of that country before you can use it immediately. When travelling abroad, please bring your credit card because it is very convenient to use.


3. Personal belongings


Regarding the dress, depending on the number of days and the place of arrival, you are ready to bring the clothes accordingly. But basically should bring a hat with a brim and can fold in the bag; sunglasses; comfortable and convenient T-shirt, the material does not take time is the better turn; pants, shorts, skirts; pyjama; sports shoes and 1 pair of sandals; underwear; socks, gloves, scarves, warm clothes. Clothes should be put in a plastic bag before putting in a suitcase, avoiding the smell of train cars.


Regarding toiletries, you can wear a brush, toothpaste, comb, face towel; shampoo, shower gel, cleanser; Cream and shaving utensils for men. Cosmetics, makeup remover should be worn with small, compact jars, placed in the outer compartment of the backpack or suitcase.


In case you have to fly a long flight with stop transit, in your hand luggage, you need to add a set of clothes. If the flight is delayed longer or you are caught in a lost airport or suitcase, you will have clean clothes to replace.


Camera, mobile phone, storage battery, mobile phone battery charger, camera, video camera ... are also indispensable in your travels.


Medical instruments, preparation of basic medicine bags such as digestive drugs, cold medicines, sore throat, fever reduction, common antibiotics; sunscreen, anti-chapping, anti-allergy; insect repellent; vitamin C, B1, bandages; motion sickness / aircraft / ship; specific medicines depending on the needs of each person; medicine for children. With these drugs, you can easily manage the cold, unexpected accidents in strange places.


Some other items that should be worn are shoulder bags containing essential and important items; backpack, suitcase; magazines, entertainment books; note paper, pen; maps, guidebooks of points needed; plastic bags; entertainment toys; earplugs against noise / against water; eye mask when sleeping; pillow; a thin blanket; Rain gear, umbrella ... Sharp objects you bring with you when flying, remember to leave them in your checked baggage.


4. Some other notes


You can bring a thin, neatly folded handbag into a suitcase because you can buy many pretty, cute items.


Drink plenty of water to avoid dry skin and lips as the body loses water quite a lot during long trips. When moving, carry bottles of stored water, which can be frozen in advance to keep cold water longer. When camping you can use a portable cooler to keep cold water for your whole family


Bring lots of small plastic bags to make garbage bags, shoe bags, dirty clothes, and wet swimwear. Plastic bags are also useful when you pack bottles containing liquids such as shampoo, alcohol, etc. to avoid damaging other items in your luggage.