Tips on maintaining your health while travelling

By Funda King


Well, if you are traveling for your business trip, holidays/vacations the most vital thing would be your health otherwise nothing would be much amusing to you as it would be with you nourished.

Whether you are simply trying to have as much energy per day as possible, or you are trying to maintain stringent healthy living standards, there are many ways you can keep and improve your health while travelling!

The following are a few tips on how to stay healthy while travelling and make the most out of your trip!


Never compromise on your Diet intake

You love to sample foods around the world — but while your palate may be game, your stomach isn’t always up to the challenge. To prevent spending half your trip running to the bathroom, it’s important to find a middle ground between sampling local cuisines and treating your belly well.


On your voyage, of course, you will be introduced to new local food which would give birth to a craving. Every destination carries its own taste, trying it is also a part of the exploration. However, not every place carries that quality food that you are used to eating. Some places might give a craving to your taste buds but initially, they might be devastating for your health. Abandoning your diet could produce chances


Travellers who plan ahead can pack some perishable foods for their trip, which can be kept cool by placing them in a soft-sided cooler. In order to avoid overeating, it’s best to pack foods in single servings that can be separated with small, plastic storage bags. The following are perishable staples that can be packed for a business trip.

  • Fresh fruits

  • Hard boiled eggs

  • Cut vegetables

  • Cheese sticks

  • Pre-cooked meats

Fruits and vegetables can help you digest and absorb nutrients even from poor foods, and they will help clean your body every day of your trip. Focusing on having at least a few servings of fruits and vegetables per day is always a great idea while travelling!


Avoid unhealthy-looking restaurants. Meat should be well cooked (unless, of course, you're eating sushi, carpaccio, etc.) and, in some places, avoided altogether. Have "well done" written on a piece of paper in the pertinent language and use it when ordering. Pre-prepared foods gather germs (a common cause of diarrhoea). Outside of Europe, be especially cautious. When in serious doubt, eat only thick-skinned fruit but always make sure that it’s peeled.
















It varies on the distance and number of time zones you go through, you should always focus on breaking through jet lag if you want to stay healthy while you are on your trip.

Jet lag can cause minor symptoms such as fatigue and making you vulnerable, but it can also lead to serious illness if your body becomes too exhausted.


Let’s say if you are not switching time zones, or only switching one or two and not more time expanses, jet lag probably won’t be much of an issue. However, if you are switching three or more time zones, you are probably going to feel some negative effects of jet lag. Well, sometimes it depends on the body too. Some people might have a body which can be immune (more likely regular travellers), they could be more resilient to it than those travelling for annual holidays or who travel once in a blue moon.

There could be plenty of techniques that can help you reduce the jet lag which includes;

  • Walking a lot and burning off the tiredness gathered up by keeping yourself seated on the plane.
  • You can sleep it off and wake up fresh and sturdy, a night of good sleep can definitely give you a boost to help you keep up with the day.
  • Avoiding caffeine would be much of a help, reduced sleep could be one of those factors which could get you down. 
  • Alcohol is also on the list too, drinking much means more chances to pass out. Well everyone knows what happens once you pass out.
  • Stay hydrated

Water keeps your throat and lips moist and prevents your mouth from feeling dry. Dry mouth can cause bad breath and/or an unpleasant taste–and can even promote cavities. If you are travelling somewhere which has a pretty dry climate like the Middle East or Africa this might be the most important thing in this article for you.



When you’re on the road, healthy options can often be few and far between. People often forget their nutrition once they are on the peak of their trip but not neglecting it would be the smartest choice a traveller can make. A cheap international air ticket which is on budget, staying nourished and keeping your nutrition health and enthusiasm of a traveller will make your trip one hell of a ride.