Top 10 Places to visit in UK

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK


    Most of the people remind the UK as England and doesn’t even know that the UK consists of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. One of the most developed countries in the world, the UK is also one of Europe’s most visited and popular tourist destinations.


    This island country has a lot of things to appeal to visitors. Its rich cultural heritage and diverse scenery are enough to fascinate the wanderers from all over the blue planet.


    This time the UK is also hosting Cricket World Cup Tournament 2019 and if you are planning to visit and watch the World Cup Series then you must also explore the nation hot spots in your spare time. There are hundreds of tourist destinations in the UK and it may be difficult for you to explore all the places with a tourist visa and limited time.


    Pack your bags, take the travel essentials and make a list of top 10 places to travel on your UK trip and this post about top 10 places to visit in the UK will help you in doing the same. Let’s start the list;




    When it comes to best places to visit in the UK nothing can be better than the capital city. London is one of the world’s commercial hub and most visited places on earth.

    This cosmopolitan city has a rich diversity and deeply multicultural. You won’t believe but one in three Londoners are from foreign descent or foreign-born. London is home to many multinational firms, five-star hotels, ancient monuments and almost every to entertain a traveller.


    There are multiple insane and recognizable landmarks to visit in London:

    • Westminster Abbey

    • Tower of London

    • Big Ben

    • The Shard

    • The sky garden

    • Buckingham Palace

    • Madame Tussauds

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK



    Just 2 hours distance (by train) from London, Yorkshire is a must to visit place in the UK. Yorkshire is one of the ancient cities of the UK and the best part is that it was founded by the Romans.

    This northeastern region of the UK has an abundance of medieval monuments and great history of Vikings. This place was known as Jorvik when it was the capital of the great Viking territory. Landing in Yorkshire is like coming back into the middle ages, the traditional shop fronts and timber-framed houses mainly at Shambles even some of these building dates back to the fourteenth century.


    Must visit places in Yorkshire:

    • Ingleton Waterfalls

    • Malham Cove

    • Bempton Cliffs

    • Railway Museum

    • Whitey Abbey

    • York Minster

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK



    The capital city of Scotland, the place Edinburgh is the perfect combination of old and new elements. You will find both medieval castles and skyscrapers in Edinburgh.


    Visit Scotland’s national museum to discover the history of this place or refresh yourself at the Royal Botanical garden. There is much more to explore in Edinburgh and if you love roaming the countryside, Edinburgh could be the best

    the place to do the same.


    Must visit places in Edinburgh

    • Edinburgh castle

    • National Museum and gallery

    • Holyrood Park

    • St Giles Cathedral

    • Salisbury Crags

    • Holyrood Abbey

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK




    One of the most mysterious and famous sites of this blue planet, Stonehenge attracts millions of visitors every year. Dated back to some 2500BC this prehistoric site is a must to visit place in the UK.


    This UNESCO’s world heritage site will surely give you the best memories of your life. This place was used as a burial site in ancient time and now is a centre for archaeologists and researchers.

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK


    5.Snowdonia National Park

    Snowdonia could be the best place for you to explore if you love to roam the wilds. It is one of the biggest national parks of the UK covering more than 2000 meter square area. This place consist of great wilderness as well as few historical monuments such as the 13th century Conwy Castle. The stunning mountains, lakes, valleys and the coats will fascinate you definitely.


    Things to do in Snowdonia:

    • Do hiking

    • Explore the coast

    • Ride through the waterways

    • Cycling

    • Surfing

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK


    6.Lake District

    When you talk about national parks in the UK you can’t forget the Lake District. The second largest national parks of the UK after Snowdonia, Lake District attracts more than 14 million visitors each year. The beautifully carved hills, lakes and mountains are the main attraction of this place.


    The unique hill farming culture of the Lake District has made it the UNESCO world heritage site. This place has been the favourite spot and source of inspiration for many famous poets and authors including William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, Arthur Ransome etc.

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK



    Situated at the banks of river Cam, Cambridge city has a lot of things to offer. One of the oldest English cities is the home to the University of Cambridge, one of the top universities of the world. This college town has many gems in its pouch for the visitors to entertain other than Cambridge University.


    Must visit places in Cambridge:

    • River Cam

    • Fitzwilliam Museum

    • Round church

    • Ely Cathedral

    • Linton Zoo

    • Imperial war museum

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK




    Manchester is one of the oldest English cities established by the Romans in the late 79 AD. The second biggest city of the UK after London, Manchester is like an urban hotspot with vibrant nightlife, culture, music and arts.


    This city is gifted with breathtaking countryside sceneries along with beautiful Pennine Mountains. The exotic natural beauty makes it a perfect place for the wanderers to explore the wilder destinations of the country. Manchester city is full of surprises and here few must visit places listed below:

    • The Manchester Museum

    • Old Trafford

    • Chinatown

    • Heaton Park

    • Manchester Cathedral

    • Hollingworth park

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK
    Top 10 Places to visit in UK




    Canterbury is often known as the “city of cathedrals” and blessed with many finest cathedrals which are considered Europe’s best ones. Some of the cathedrals are listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and this place will help you in discovering the great history of England.


    This place does not have only cathedrals and ancient monuments, Canterbury has an abundance of skyscrapers, pubs, malls, universities, restaurants, modern sculptures and independent shops.


    Places to explore in Canterbury:

    • Canterbury Cathedral

    • The old city

    • Canterbury Tales

    • Roman museum

    • Marlowe Theatre

    • Stour boat trip

    • Howletts animal park


    10.Saunton Sands

    If you are a beach lover then you must take yourself to the Saunton Sands. This beach is situated along the English village named Saunton and also a popular longboard surfing destination. Its consistent waves and clean sea water makes it a perfect place for the surfers to hang out with their surfing boards.


    The Braunton burrow which is a UNESCO biosphere reserve is also located near Saunton Sands. The place is stretched more than 3 miles long which makes it the largest sand dunes in the UK. The Saunton sands are the home to many rare and endangered species of plants and butterflies.


    Places to visit near Saunton sands:

    • Pete Caswell gallery

    • Saunton golf club

    • Morte point trail

    • British surfing museum

    • Marwood gardens

    Top 10 Places to visit in UK

    Bottom Line:                                 

    If you are planning a vacation trip to the UK you must make great effort to utilize your travel time and resources at its best. No matter if you are on a solo trip or planning to roam this English country with your loved ones, this place has many things to offer and please everybody.

    Before landing to the foreign place you must make a list of the places to visit. When it comes to top tourist hotspots in the UK, there are hundreds of them no doubt and on a tourist visa with limited time it isn’t possible to explore each and every destination.