Top 6 Abilities Each Nurse Should Possess For Professional Advancement

Being a nurse is no easy job. In addition to the common traits like hard work, integrity, honesty etc. nurses should also have additional personality traits to achieve professional achievement. To the general population, it may look like that doctors are the only single most influential people in healthcare, but that isn’t true.


Without professional nurses, the entire healthcare sector would fall apart. Where the doctors are the first point of contact in any hospital, it’s the nurses that keep up the daily workings of the hospitals. The education for becoming a nurse isn’t any easier either. Just like getting a medical degree, becoming a nurse also entails intensive training involving everything from exams, tests and essay assignments. Same has been proven right by the fact that almost every online essay writing service UK advertises their ability to write nursing essays.


So, what are the top abilities nurses must possess for professional advancement?


Being a nurse requires one to be incredibly skilled in time management. A nurse not only has to handle patients but also allocate resources like medicines. The hospital equipment has to be operated in a particular manner. There’s a lot of tasks placed upon nurses, and not being able to organise them could very soon lead to stress and panic.


Stress Management

Everyone involved in the healthcare sector has to go through things that average people cannot imagine. But nurses, in particular, are faced with a lot of stress and trauma. This stress isn’t only because of work, but also due to the interactions, they go through each day. They may see a lot of deaths or gruesome diseases and have to deal with a multitude of extreme human emotions such as anger, pain, frustration and agony. And they need to stay calm and relaxed all the while!



Nurses are usually the point of contact between specialist doctors and the patients as well as the patients’ families. It is paramount for them to be strong communicators. Without proper communication skills, even the chances of something going wrong may be disastrous, especially when something as delicate as human life is involved.


Decision Making

Emergencies in the hospital aren’t a rarity. It’s not always possible to dedicate time, pondering over a decision. Nurses are faced with a do-or-die situation each day. It, therefore, becomes very important to think critically and make swift decisions.



Being a nurse entail being involved with people who aren’t the best version of themselves. The need to display positivity in a hospital is crucial. Nurses should have behavioural traits like kindness, compassion, empathy and patience.


Mentally Present

Being mentally present in a situation where human life is at stake is of utmost importance. There’s no room for slacking off or being mentally lost in the hospital. Nurses need to remain vigilant and attentive at all times because the chances of an emergency arising in a hospital are very high.