Why Bnbs Are The New Choice For Travelers?

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    Rather being considered to be a form of luxury, travelling has become more of a hobby. It has witnessed a massive transformation in recent times. From the shoe-string budget travellers, bloggers are detailing every single thing about their travel.

    Many websites offer hotels, reviews, info, and other help to people. You can plan your travel in the best way possible – travelling has now become something fascinating and enjoyable. Adding another different and detrimental dimension to travelling is the trend of BnBs or Bed and Breakfasts.

   The trend has started recently and has become synonymous to accommodation while travelling. You can have some exceptional experiences with promo codes like Booking.com coupons to stay at some of the unique homestays at discounted rates.

You can find various short term accommodations such as tents, villas, apartments, cottages, rooms, etc.

    Apart from being easy on your pockets, especially if you are travelling in a group, the BnBs tend to be more exciting. They are much better than hotel stays. You can even interact with the locals hosting the property. You can also experience the joy of living like a local.

If you are travelling in a group, you will find the BnBs ideal as they are mild on your pockets. You save all the taxes and service charges on separate room bills. And, you can enjoy your vacation in the best possible manner. This is because the whole group is present at the same place at all time.

    Especially, if you are planning a trip abroad, then you can’t escape the enormous charges of the hotels. The hefty bills burn your cash like any old car burning fuel at an unbelievable rate. With the brands that offer accommodations of all kinds such as cottages, villas, tents, apartments and rooms, etc., you can save money as well! You can save your precious cash from being spent on accommodation and use the same on experiences.

    BnBs offer all kinds of services such as AC rooms with toilets and bathrooms (shared or separate as per your budget). Almost all the reputed ones come with 24-hour electricity (back-up). Many also offer medical facilities (First-Aid and Conveyance, as per your choice). Food (different regional cuisines) and WiFi are the other services.

   Other benefits of staying in BnBs include the fact that you get to enjoy some local experience. You can interact with your host and find some off-beat tourist destinations nearby. You can get in touch with the foreign culture and lifestyle. You can also explore the local land on foot and indulge in some excellent talks over dinners.




















Why Choose BnBs as your accommodation?


    Bed and Breakfasts come with all kinds of facilities that regular hospitality has to offer. But, they come at much lesser prices and with much more excitement and enjoyment. Renting different rooms in one hotel means you have to move to and fro in between them. Especially, if you want to talk or spend time with your family or friends hotels are boring!

    But, the BnBs allow the whole party at one place such as a cottage or villa or tents. You can watch the stars and sleep under them. And, you will have the whole area at your disposal. You can stay and enjoy together, the way you want and the way you like.

BnBs indeed come with an enjoyable experience, and great deals like the Booking.com offers and coupon codes are required to make them even sweeter.

     So, ditch hotel-stays and say hello to the BnB World.


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Mayank Tyagi is a digital marketer, travel lover, Linkedin contest winner & Quora influencer.Mayank Tyagi is a digital marketer, travel lover, Linkedin contest winner & Quora influencer.