Your Kid's Gigantic Backpack Is a Health Risk

Like a turtle, their little organs are coming out of the outside shells, kids change their way to heavy heavy kids backpacks on their shoulders. Even higher education teachers will have to move their books down to the school and to book them in the book and binders to shop. They can understand (and be insane), but they are dangerous?


Yes, many experts say.

Boston University's clinical professor. Karen Jacobs and American Acupuncture Therapy Association (AOTA) spokesman said. Karen Jacobs said, "Since at least 1998 we have received backpacks in large and heavy forms, which sponsors a school backpack awareness." Jackbox said that the crowded school and the small locker area seem to be running the event.


A 2010 study from San Diego, California University of California said, "Backpack loads are responsible for significant back pain in children." In the same study, report a full third-third back pain of 11 to 14-year-olds. From 2011 there came a similar conclusion to other research.


"The kids say 'my stomach hurts, hurts my neck and my shoulders,'" says Jacobs. " A heavy backpack can contribute to headache and school problems in school."


Like a room frame, the spine keeps your child's body strong and straight. Rubinoff, a certified family doctor with osteopathic medicine doctor and Philadelphia's Aria Health System, says that this young man still puts too much weight during this development and that it reduces the gesture of a child, its backbone, and weakens the growth. . "It can contribute to problems or injuries coming back to your child's old age," Danf said.


How heavy is heavy? "

As a general rule, research shows that to avoid pain or pain, best kids backpacks should not be 10 to 20 per cent of your child's body weight, "Jacob says. "We want to make a mistake in front of caution and recommend 10 per cent." (Danf's recommendation-not more than 15 per cent-compatible with Jacob).


Primary school for children can pack only 50 or 60 pounds, some textbooks and lunch a safe safe threshold. That's why Jacobs says it is important to check your child's backpack every day that he carries on the things he needs." Jacob said, "We have noticed that students are drinking lots of water in school with them. We are asking parents to send a bottle of empty water and their children should be admitted to their school," Jacob said. "


He suggests heavy objects between the packs and your child's position closely behind.

Danoff says that the fit is appropriate and the design is important for removing the pressure from your spine and shoulders. If you want a child's backpack for someone in your size, he says. Padded shoulder strap and a cushion will prevent pain and back pain.


Finally, for clever parents who can consider fake backpack options - such as the small bag-jack boxes that some schools have already banned a roller because they are burning tripping threats, or can choose classroom rooms or hallways in case of fire.


If it's all breathtaking, take heart: It's probably not going to be digitized for every child's or every class curriculum or text packet, and it will not be long before every classroom school tablets. At any time, we can start panic instead of tech knees.

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