Anavar – All you need to know about Anavar


Commonly known by the brand name Oxandrolone, Anavar is a popular anabolic steroid and has many names. Another brand name is Oxandrin. The steroid is taken to regain weight or help with weight gain in different situations. It is an oral drug that is derived from dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Doctors often prescribe it for particular conditions. Bodybuilders and athletes take these supplements for bulking up.

The Benefits of Anavar

Anavar boosts the protein synthesis in the muscle tissues that prevents the muscles from getting wasted and helps with the increase of muscle mass. Bodybuilders use Anavar to increase strength. Anavar does a great job of strengthening the muscle fibers improving your overall muscle mass. This increases stamina so that you can work harder in the gym.

Although it is an effective steroid, you still need to work hard and put in your input for the best results. You must follow a proper workout program and a healthy routine. This is important to carry out the cycle and even after that. If you relapse to your old habits of eating junk diet and poor sleeping habits, you may not get the results.

Anvarol has all the advantages of Anavar with no dangerous side effects. The greatest advantages of Anvarol include:

  • Anvarol can help you remove excess fat, including visceral fat, faster, revealing your lean physique.
  • It can help you gain muscles and preserve it through your cutting stage.
  • Anvarol improves muscle hardness and density for a far more athletic look.
  • With Anvarol, you are able to achieve the required vascularity level without any health risks.
  • Anvarol should really be ingested orally, which removes the discomfort and pain of needles from your own bulking process, and does definitely not must be taken along with other supplements because of the not enough potential side effects.


As for the medical and non medical uses of Anavar, they are not the same. When Anavar is prescribed by a doctor, you should take it according to the doctor’s instructions. Usually, it is recommended to take twice or four times every day. There is no fixed rule, however.

Those with sensitive stomachs are prescribed to take this steroid with food or milk. The dosage always depends on the condition it is being taken for while considering the age, overall health, and gender of the person. The standard dosage of Anavar is 2.5mg to 20mg per day. And the average dose varies between 5mg to 10mg per day. The course duration is normally two to four weeks. Some cases might require prolonged use of the steroids for up to three months.

As for nonmedical use, that is a bit different. Oxandrolone has to be used before and during the bulking up phase involving a cycle as well as a post cycle procedure. Depending on the tolerance levels and familiarity of the athletes and bodybuilders, the dosage of Anavar steroids can vary. Those who have just begun bodybuilding are required to start with 15 m to 25 mg per day. As they reach an intermediate level, the dosage may be 20mg to 80 mg per day.

The dose could go up to 50mg per day for beginners who have progressed to the second or third week. It is better not to exceed that 50mg and intermediate users should not increase the dosage beyond 100mg per day. Even the most advanced users who have been administering Anavar should start with 80mg per day and have max 100mg per day.

As far as female bodybuilders and athletes are concerned, they should take it in a much lower dosage and about 10 mg is effective if they are beginners. Depending on the results and the side effects or their absence, the dose can be increased. Women are not recommended to take a dose of up to 50 mg per day. The cycle should last for a minimum of 4 weeks or a maximum of six weeks.

As for stacking, Anavar can be stacked with other steroids such as Anadrol, Deca Durabolin, Dianabol & Clenbuterol to boost the growth of muscle mass and better the overall physical performance. 

Side Effects of Anavar

Even people not in the bodybuilding community realize that anabolic steroids aren’t the safest supplement in the world. Everybody has heard worrying stories about steroids negatively affecting the fitness of the individual taking it. As among the popular anabolic steroids, Anavar also poses certain health threats

In the case of abuse of Anavar steroids, it can lead to some serious side effects. You must not overdose on this steroid. When you take it in low or recommended doses, the steroid will have only moderate side effects, but even that is not universal.

Final Words

More anabolic than testosterone itself, maybe 3-4 times more, Anavar is a testosterone derivative. This is the main reason the steroid shows fitness results. But like any other anabolic steroids, the compound comes with its share of side effects. Anavar causes testosterone suppression it is important to have PCT at the end of each cycle. This assists in restoring the production of testosterone in the body ideally. If you are looking for branded high-quality Anavar, look no further than Buy Steroids Online. A reliable online platform to get the best quality steroids.