Swarm of Ants Troubling You Every Now and Then?

Home improvement

In our day to day lives, we come across many advertising companies which claim that “eco-friendly pest control, 100% guarantee at a low price and effective services provided”. A person can opt for a DIY method or can ask an expert. The DIY method is not that expensive but at the same time, it’s not that effective. The only advantage is it can reduce the expenses. On the other hand, an expert can be called to do ant control work in both an efficient and effective way. There are various steps by which ant control can be done in an effective way. They are:

Identifying the type of ants

The first step is to identify the type of invader. Ants are of various types like common ants, field ants, pharaoh ants, thief ants, etc. Take a close look or a pic and must be brought on the notice of a local pest controller. An expert will be able to deal in a professional manner and can predict where it nests.

It’s prevention and treatment

The only reason, why ants invade into your home, is in search of food and water. One must eliminate the main source of food and water is the preliminary stage to get rid of them. Cleaning up of spilled food, mopping the floor regularly, empty the trash to prevent odor and buildup.

The poison must be reached easily

Bait acts like a slow poison and kills the troop. The bait must be placed in such a way so that it attracts a number of ants. As ants take back food to their nests and share it. A person must not squish ants this is the best method of ant control

Trails must be erased

Ants leave a scented trail and the other ants follow the trail, so it’s necessary to erase the trail. The gaps must be sealed. The grass to be mowed and insecticide must be sprayed on the entire home.

Ant control is effective only when there is an elimination of easy entry. Cleaning the debris and shrubs have to be trimmed so they do not touch the house. Repairs and leaks inside and outside de the house.

Finding or hunting the nest

It’s better to erase the root cause of it. As mentioned earlier, the cracks must be sealed. The baits are available in the form of gel, tubes, granules must be placed in such a way that a human body or an animal must not come in contact with it.

Entomologists claim that the natural or home remedies are not that effective and are not as potent as the controllers. But can be reduced by using these simple tricks

  • Lemon usage- it’s strong acidic smell can keep the pests away.
  • Using spice and herbs- bay leaf must be kept inside the food container or using sachets of cinnamon, cloves which smells pleasant but can hinder the ants from finding food.
  • Vinegar- vinegar mixed with water can be stored in spray bottles and can be sprayed directly on the ants.
  • Mint- it’s a natural insect repellent. One can even use peppermint oil to get rid of it.
  • Black pepper- by sprinkling some black pepper around the area on the floor can reduce the ant activity. It can even be mixed with water and sprayed on ants directly.
  • Borax- it damages both the digestive system and outer skeleton of ants causing them direct death.

Though ants are very useful to our environment. They are natural decomposers and feed on dead animals, organic waste. They help to clean the environment. They aerate the soil, which allows the water to reach the roots of the plants. Ants even help in pollination by crawling from one flower to another. Ants are equally dangerous to human health. It bites and injects venom on the human body and indirectly spread germs.