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What if we can sleep children and teenagers, them and her? Well, we are going to see options for them, for them and to share, which is great too.

Girl’s bedroom:

With a classic and romantic touch, with pastel colors (beige, pink and white). As the carpentry of the house are white I have chosen to put all the white furniture as well and the upholstery in pink tones.

The walls covered with floral motifs and instead of putting a bed, here we have preferred to put a trundle bed in an armchair, so when nobody sleeps it seems like a living room and we have the possibility of someone else sleeping in the trundle bed.

A sisal-upholstered floor and a small white desk as well. Now we have a lot of space to play and then to sleep.

The good thing about having chosen all the neutral furniture is that, when the girl grows up, we can put another paper on the walls, paint, put pictures or vinyl and changing only the upholstery and bedspread, we have renovated the room. This is something very important, when we make children’s rooms because children, let’s not forget, they grow very fast and their tastes too.

Bedroom for two children:

A sweet bedroom, with white carpentry too. The colors that stand out here are sky blue and some small red motif.

The whole room with wallpaper and a funny border above the headboard. Attentive trick: we wallpaper from the border up and from the border down, we paint white because like children, even if we are very careful, they dirty the walls, so we can give a touch of white paint when we feel like it and the room is always new.

Some blue bedspreads, a blue carpet and many soft toys in tan colors.

Although it may not seem like it, the color of the stuffed animals also makes the decoration calmer. If we start to fill the room with colors we may have problems then sleeping the little ones…

His and hers bedroom

In this case they are already older. They chose their own colors, they have it very clear. It is the same style of decorative structure with a built-in bed, built-in shelf and continuous with built-in desk. All painted and each daring with its matching duvets and cushions. The girl’s in a deep blue combined with beige. The child’s in chocolate brown and beige combination. Check the best online kid’s beds at

The floor is natural oiled wood and the footprint of the bed step is also lined with the same material, so that they can step on it without problem.

Another trundle sofa bed like the first romantic room, but with other colors and a different concept. This is the one of a teenager who asked me for joy in her bedroom and since she was very daring, we both dared to put red, black and orange.

What girl doesn’t want a princess room … Well, that’s what we did: we wallpaper the walls with fairy motifs on a pink background and with a canopy. Much pink and above all imagining that a princess will sleep there.

They share a room

And finally, we are small and we share a room, what color? Well, that is a neutral one. Natural woods, custom-made beds with double height, in order to take advantage of space. Wall and white bedding and now, yes, we make a sturdy forest with green.

Highly recommended to decorate and transform, I particularly use it a lot.

I will teach you in another post, radical changes with possibilities of transforming furniture. In this case, I sit down with the creative of the company and we invented and then manufactured and installed it, so we have really fun and different things.

For the floor, a green carpet design with mixed hair imitating grass. I design the measurements, colors, shapes and have them manufactured, which is why I can fit them into the spaces as I want.