Cat Ear Infection, QUick and updated guide 2020


before we  know more about cat ear infection, we will see some facts. Cat is a domestic animal. It is usually said that it cats were domesticated by ancient Egypt in 3100 BC.

According to Us report of 2019 7.3 Million cats lives in USA and 4.8 are lived as pets. Pet cats usually sleeps with their owners because it trust them. They love to be warm and feel heat of affection from humans.

Cats doesn’t not carry infection easily but once they got infected it can be very complex.  You can diagnose the infection with the help of otoscope.

What cause ear infection in cats?

If your cat carries ear infection it means that it is because of some other internal medical problem. The agent which provide infection is bacterial, fungus and connect with inner ear.  Mites present in the outer ear of the cat certainly means infection in inner ear. Here are some of the causes of Otitis or ear infection.

  • Excessive growth of yeast or bacteria
  • Wax constructed in the ear canal
  • Abundant hairs in ear canal
  • Allergies with some food or pollen
  • Cleanliness of ear
  • Diabetes

Major signs of ear infection in a cat

As animals cannot able to speak so they show their discomfort through scratching or pawing, or may she tilt her hair towards painful ear.

Other signs of infection in a cat ear are:

  • Colourful discharge from ear
  • Swelling or rashes of ears
  • Strong smell
  • Loss hearing

How to treat cat ear infection?

Not only look for ear but examine cat fully because some of the infections are due to health problem. Inspect its skin and fur carefully. Diagnose the ear with the help of instrument known as otoscope. Take sample as well put under microscope to test, it there is mites there needs further workup like X-rays, but it isn’t difficult to treat ear infection. The most important thing is that take notice immediately when you see your cat is showing signs of discomforts.

If you think that your cat is not responding to traditional treatments you may go for further tests.

Blood testing

Food trials if food allergy

cat ear infection


How to prevent cat from infection?

It is not possible to prevent cat from infection but you have to inspect regularly its infection will not get serious.

Cleaning of ear is one of the way to prevent it from infection. Use antibiotics, flush the ear canal.  After bathing or swimming dry the ear canal properly.

Take it to the groomer and cut the hairs properly.

Ear cleanser should not be over used

Medicines use for cat ear infection

Use different medicines by the guidance of veterinarian. Be careful in medication of ear infection because some may cause hearing loss in cats. Some veterinarian may recommend Zymox a natural enzyme to clear the infection.


Take proper care of cleanliness of your cat, if found any discomforts take it for checkup. Dry your cat’s ear properly. Use antibiotics and resolve the issue. Take it to veterinarian if problem get serious.

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