Here’s What You Should Consider for Your Next Cosmetic Boxes


Even with repeated handling, you want your packaging box to look great and pop out amongst competitors. As curious customers pick the box, there are chances of slight damages. However, if you ask your packaging company for the right options, you will understand that coatings matter here. To reach that high spot, and ensure your custom cosmetic boxes reach that goal, you have to choose the right coating.

At the time of the manufacturing of the custom cosmetic box, a finish and coating usually go onto the surface. These coatings play an important role when it comes to giving your packaging the “perfect look.” In terms of the coatings and finishes, there’s so much to be said about these boxes. For someone new into this, it can easily turn out overwhelming and tricky.

However, this post should give you some insight into the questions you should ask your packaging company so that you get exactly what you want out of the packaging of the products.

The Types of Coatings for Custom Cosmetic Packaging

Although there are several other types of coatings, the two common ones include aqueous, and UV coating. Both offer different degrees of matte and glossy finishes, along with a soft touch. They offer shininess and dullness at once if needed. They are both durable in nature.

The default one used by most companies is the aqueous coating. It’s a less expensive choice for custom cosmetic boxes and offers a plethora of benefits when using them. Some of them are FDA approved and safe if used for food packaging. Depending on the products you have to sell, you can choose this coating.

The UV coating is another popular choice for cosmetic boxes wholesale. UV here stands for “ultra-violet” lamps (dry) to cure and coat the boxes. They are a bit more expensive, but they offer more return. They are more effective and prominent compared to aqueous. It appears richer, gives colors a rich and glossier look. Even if the box has a dull matte, it gives the packaging an elegant feel. The boxes are durable, and packaging companies like IMH Packaging and others could offer more options such as glitter, textures, and scents.

Combined together, these give cosmetic boxes a “special” touch. For example, if you use a matte finish on a small area like the logo, the coating combined would be spot gloss. This is a mixture of both aqueous and UV coatings.

Things to Consider Before You Choose Coatings for Cosmetic Boxes


Before purchase, will your products be handled? These coatings are resistant to abrasions and scuffing. However, if you want a soft-touch coating, beware it’s prone to scuffs. If you apply multiple layers, this would be at a higher cost. In addition, if you choose a black cosmetic box, this can prominently scuff compared to other colors. So, it is best that you avoid choosing black. The soft-touch isn’t really a good choice if your products will go through constant handling in transit.

Quality and Cost

UV is more costly than AQ. However, UV appears more striking and offers more options in terms of textures. If you want your products to stay on top, you can go for this choice.

Fingerprint Marks

Some packaging coatings end up leaving pronounced fingerprint marks on the surface of the custom cosmetic packaging boxes. To avoid this, you should choose bright colors. Black and other dark colors are prone to fingerprint marks.

In a nutshell, you should only consider cosmetic boxes wholesale depending on the quality, durability, and the type of coating. Go for other embellishment options as well to give the boxes a better, captivating touch.


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