Eco-Friendly Home Renovation tips to Try In 2019


Eco-Friendly Home Renovation tips to Try In 2019

It is usually from the time and again that home renovation appears to be tedious tasks that create plenty of holes in your pocket. It should appear the way that it needs to be though there are several other ways which can allow you to breathe a brand new life into your older homes.

The tasks can range from anything, from electrical upgrades especially with the help of professionals like electrician North Shore to that of bathroom renovations.

The following are some of the best eco-friendly ways to try out home renovation without breaking your budget here:

Say no to demolishing

It involves a lot of money when it comes to tearing down the walls and the floors or throwing away furniture that you hardly want. This can well be avoided in certain cases.

You need to estimate quite carefully of the things that you can reuse and repurpose here, as you need to look around your house quite carefully. This might serve you quite well in the kitchen when it comes to your old chandelier installed with the help of emergencyelectrician North Shore Sydney.


LED lighting is now inexpensive, energy-efficient and extremely compact. LEDs use 80 percent less energy than conventional lighting and last an outstanding 25 times longer. They can be fitted virtually anywhere, from appliances to mirrors to the insides of cabinets and closets (motion-activated, of course).

They even let you modify the brightness and color of light. If you miss the glow of the old-fashioned incandescent bulb, fear not. You can take the help from electrician North Shore to get your bulbs replaced with the LEDs.

Reface your place

It all depends on the quality of the wood here though your cabinets and closets have lost its shine. You need to create a creative flow mixed up with an eco-friendly solution here as you need not spend money in the new ones.

The best thing that you can try out here is to do it yourself as you can easily reface the cabinets and closets with the help of self-adhesives wallpapers. You can also repaint the surface of the doors and cabinets to give them a fresh new look.

Eco-friendly paint

Repainting is protecting the nature? Yes it is so. Here all you need to do is use low VOC or eco-friendly paints here. They would be the healthier choice you would be making here along with proving something better to the environment.

You would not be inhaling all those bad chemicals that the paints contain here as they would be the healthier choice you would be making for you and your family.


They should have an effective insulation as this is one of the best investments that you would be making in your home. Insulation would make your room cooler in summer and warmer in the winter time. You can get the best insulation with the help of the emergency electricians.

Water management

Water is the most valuable resource on our planet. Green trends in home design emphasize rational water use and the reuse of water. Toilets are the biggest water consumers in a household. Installing a low-flow toilet does not compromise flushing power while cutting down on water consumption.

Motion sensor faucets also save on unnecessary water use. If you have a garden, you may want to consider water recycling. Water runoff from your sinks and showers is more than adequate for watering your lawn.

Give a chance to reclaimed wood

You can go green here while you are looking to get new pieces of furniture. You need to consider in getting pieces of furniture that is made of reclaimed wood instead of buying new closets, drawers or countertops here.

Here you will be reducing the amount of lumber waste with the use of harmful chemicals in lumber business as you will be preserving trees here.

Use of solar energy

It is the best time now to take the benefit of the energy of sun to power your house. In home renovations, the sun can play a huge and a big role. They would well help to heat up the house as well as reduce energy bills as the solar panels will help to generate electricity here. You can have them installed with the help of 24-hour electrician North Shore.

Consider energy-efficient appliances

Have you ever wondered to have a life without a refrigerator or a washing machine or a dishwasher? This is something that is absolutely unavoidable right? While you are purchasing these appliances you need to reduce the energy that these appliances use by opting for an eco-friendly option.

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