Stem Cell Hair Transplant

FUE Technique for Extraction of Follicular Units



The FUE technique, recently developed, is considered the most avant-garde therapy in hair treatment and consists of the isolation and transplantation of individual follicular units from the donor area to the recipient area (remember that a follicular unit is a functional structure formed by a set of hair follicles. more information on the capillary dictionary. These are obtained using FUs specialized blades which sequentially enable cutting, separating and removing the hair follicle decreasing the maximum risk to be injured during the process. Then the FUs, made up of 4 to 5 hair follicles, are stored in saline until it is time for implantation. Previously, the receiving area is prepared by making multiple cuts that are complementary to the follicle to be grafted. The cuts made in the receiving area are made in such a way that they keep the normal angle of the hair so that when it grows it looks completely natural.

Advantages of the FUE technique

From the patient’s perspective

  • Less recovery time after surgery
  • Allows you to show off short hair once it grows after hair surgery
  • Scars in the donor area are imperceptible
  • No need to go to the surgeon again to remove the stitches.

From the surgeon’s perspective

  • The procedure is less traumatic than the FUT or FUSS technique
  • Less work equipment is needed compared to the FUT technique
  • Few surgical instruments are needed
  • Fabric preparation is minimal

Disadvantages of the FUE technique

  • It is a tedious process, lasts a long period of time and breaks are needed during surgery
  • In the case of large coverage, several sessions must be carried out
  • You have an increased risk of injury to the follicles removed during the procedure
  • There is a limited number of follicles that can be extracted per day

Regarding the last disadvantage, the following two questions arouse great interest:

How many hair follicles can be removed per day? And how does that affect my hair surgery?

Experts agree that only 2,000 follicular units can be removed and transplanted in one day, which equates to a total of approximately 4,000 hair follicles, even less. The reason is simple: the follicles that are being extracted will not regenerate again, but a redistribution of the hair present in the donor area will be carried out. By exceeding the allowed number of extracted follicles, the physiology of the donor area can be altered and compromised for life. In addition, taking into account that the procedure must be done carefully to avoid damaging the hair follicles is possible that, for reasons of technique execution, this is the maximum number of hair follicles that the doctor reaches to extract. To solve this situation, instruments have been developed, which, as we will see below, make it possible to streamline the hair implant using blades that extract and graft the hair follicles sequentially. Visit here

New advances in the FUE technique

Follicular isolation technique

The technique follicular isolation (FIT by its acronym, Follicular Isolation Technique) also called FUE / FIT is based on the use of a special blade having a cutting limit in order to standardize the size and depth of cut extraction of the follicular unit. However, this results in that the depth measurement of all the follicles is not the same, and therefore the same blade does not work for all patients.

FUE automated

It consists of the use of a device that assists the doctor in the extraction and implant procedure and its main advantage is that it offers a greater number of grafted follicles per session. However, due to increased traction of the follicular units, degradation of the follicular unit and damage to the hair follicles may occur.

FUE robotic

This is one of the great advances in capillary surgery since it incorporates the robotic advantages of precision and repeatability into the FUE technique. This achieves a greater number of hair implants per session in a fairly short time. Disadvantages include high costs, limited customization depending on the case, and the inability to make decisions.

A body hair transplant (Body Hair Transplantation or BHT)

One of the main advantages of the FUE technique is its versatility to obtain follicular units from almost any area of ​​the body such as the pubis, neck or beard, among others. These hair follicles can also be implanted in areas such as the eyebrows, beard or even the scalp.

Advantages and disadvantages of BHT

Among the main advantages of the BHT technique is the fact that having fewer hairs per hair follicle, the transplantation of body hairs allows a lighter coverage of the desired area. This is particularly important in patients who have a limited number of donor follicles and who therefore have a low density of hair follicles in the recipient area.

The disadvantage of using the BHT technique is that the body hairs have a different growth cycle than the follicles of the scalp; In addition, they tend to maintain the same characteristics of their area of ​​origin, so the end result does not look natural. This mainly affects the female population that usually has long hair.


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