Give The Best Birthday Gift To Your Loved Ones


It will really mean a lot if you bring a smile on your loved one face on their birthday. Whether you are giving a surprise to your mom, dad, siblings or your girlfriend. The birthday surprise is only for those people who are close to your heart. So in this article, you will learn all simple ways of how you can give a birthday surprise to your loved ones.

Firstly the most common thing that comes in the category of surprise is the flower. If you want any kinds of flowers or want to send any flowers to your loved ones then just contact Bloomsvilla. Bloomsvilla is the best in flowers delivery in Ludhiana. They have lots of varieties of flowers at the most reasonable price. 

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Gifts you can give for the best birthday surprise

When you are staying in the home and celebrating a birthday party with your family or coming home on a birthday of your mom, dad or your siblings. Then it becomes the best surprise for them. But if you are staying in some other state or country and going home is impossible. Then your gift will only surprise them. 

So the followings are some of the gifts you can send to your loved ones are:

Birthday video

Your loved ones are the most special gift you have got from god. So on this special occasion, their gift should also be special. In this case, you can make a beautiful video. In this video just include all the messages and the conversations you loved. At last, you can also include a thank you for whatever he or she has given to you.

If you want to make the birthday more special then just send birthday flowers along with chocolates. In this don’t go with the common flowers like roses go with the seasonal flowers. This will really look good and beautiful.

Hidden notes

This thing is homemade. But one thing is there this note will also contain lots of fun. The person you are giving these Hidden notes will be surprised to see how much you love him or her. There are lots of videos available on the YouTube channels from where you can take a glimpse of it and start making it. 

In these notes, you can add a special message for their birthday and for a long life. If you want then you can also write wishes, funny messages, emotional messages, etc. After reading all these notes your loved ones will really get surprised and they will love it a lot. With these special notes just add a beautiful happy birthday flower bouquet. This will be the biggest surprise for them.


The scrapbook is totally fun. Your loved ones will really love it. In a scrapbook, you can paste all the pictures which are the most memorable one. You can even add dates so that he or she can know how much you love them. Apart from pictures, you can also add notes describing the picture. So that this scrap book can be memorable for them. 


For a person, the most memorable surprise gift will be when their loved ones are sending any type of gift. Which they have never thought of. So try to give them the best gift. The best gift is to present to give them an attractive cake. There are lots of varieties of cake available in Bloomsvilla which you can deliver them. 

Don’t go with the old round cake just gift them different shapes of cakes. Along with it surprise them with beautiful flowers that include rose, lily or any kinds of seasonal flowers. You can even buy it from the online florist in Bangalore

Customized coffee mug

This one is one of the most popular gift you can give. Just add beautiful pictures of the person and in that you can add quotes or just Happy Birthday. This can be the one of the most beautiful gift you can give to a person. Whenever they will take a sip from this coffee mug they will always remember you. 

There are various types of things you will get in the customized section. That includes cushion, bed sheet, mobile covers, etc. You can give them whatever you want according to your choice. But along with it just go with the best cake only from online cake delivery in Delhi.


It’s important that the gift which you are giving to any person should be memorable for them. So try to gift them the best thing. Just follow these simple tips and you can surprise any of the people.