go for offseason travel in India

Experience the Exceptional – Go for Offseason Travel in India


No more are the days when summer meant to be the time to go on picnic, cycling and taking long strolls with friends. Neither is the trend of visiting weather-friendly destinations. Did you see it written by some saint or travel expert that you can only travel to the mountains in summers, the plains in winters and the meadows and waterfalls in monsoons? No, isn’t it? These are mere travel traditions that will continue unaffected we can definitely bring some difference by adapting offbeat travel.

Offseason travel in India is the new trend today. Like others, you also look forward to visiting places during peak season. But, this leaves little or no opportunity to escape into quietude. Increasing tourism in these places leads to commercialization which again burdens the infrastructure of the destination. This could be still fun for kids on their summer vacations but we doubt adults engrossed in the corporate life still prefer it.

In this blog, we have highlighted some not-so-regular yet exciting travel ideas you can try in 2019.

Grab the off-season offers

Being a frequent traveler, you must be aware of the off-season discounts and offers on accommodations, flight tickets and several other things. Haven’t you ever thought of taking these advantages and exploring a place when almost no one is there to disturb your peace? We bet, you have! For the first-timers, traveling in the offseason can be budget-friendly as the hotel tariffs and air fares are very low as compared to other months of the year. They face no or little problem in terms of accommodation and transportation. No traffic jam, relaxed locals and nature breathing freely around – what more you can expect for a holiday?

Experience the monsoon magic in the Himalayas

True that monsoon is the beginning of getting hold of nature’s resplendent verdant shades all across India. Be it the hill stations of Maharashtra like Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, Kalsubai or alluring the sight of the Kerala backwaters in Allepey or taking a stroll in the coffee plantations of Coorg, the undeniable charm is experienced all across the country. Yet nothing can beat the effect of monsoons on the rain-washed Himalayas. Monsoon tourism in these areas is boosting over the last few years and appeals the lot of nature lovers from in and outside the country. If you are a person with great patience, a sense of adventure and an urge to take a challenge, Look for the best off season destination in July in India and plan a monsoon trip with your group.

Record some stirring instances in your travel diary

When you travel in offseason, you will come across a lot of experiences that would not be a case in the peak season. Imagine a visit to the Himalayan Orchard in Rukhla, Himachal Pradesh during monsoons. This farm stay would be the best to visit during this time as you could meet the locals pickling, baking and making jam which they usually avoid during the peak season. You will realize that watching them doing their household chores and listening to their stories is nothing less than getting closer to life. You should also take a drive to the nearby Shararu Pass, a 45 minute drive. Meet the Gujjars and drink from canisters of buffalo milk in their camp. The surreal landscape around will leave you awestruck. If you are lucky, the villagers might also invite you into their home for a hot glass of goat milk. Oh, such warm hospitality is difficult to find during peak season!

Get prepared for an offseason travel

Unless you are an avid traveler, planning an offseason travel might be difficult. Seasonal tourism in India is nothing new. You can go for it without much preparations but that’s not the case for offseason travel.  We have got some travel tips for the first-timers and non-experts. If you are in a mood to go on a trip to the mountains during monsoons, note these few important pointers:

  • Ensure your vehicle is ready to go on a ride to the narrow roads of the mountains.
  • Hire a driver who is experienced in mountain driving. Self-driving might be dangerous.
  • Keep a track of the road conditions of the areas you are going to travel.
  • Do not overhear advice of the local residents of the area.
  • Stay updated with the latest weather conditions and sit in your hotel room during heavy rainfall.
  • Be ready for uncertain conditions like sudden rainfall, landslides and other possibilities.
  • Pack woolens, long sleeved tees as temperature drops during rainfall.
  • Carry a raingear, quick-dry towel and a pair of water resistant shoes in your backpack.
  • Keep some reusable bottles, insect repellents and important medicines handy.

The next time someone suggests for a trip during peak season, tell them you don’t belong to that flock of travelers. Try something new and exciting – go for an offseason travel in India.


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