Gowing room furniture

Gowning room- what you need to know


Gowning room is a part of a cleanroom. It is also known as the ante-room. This is basically space or a separate room adjacent to the cleanroom. Gowning room is used by workers of the cleanroom for various purposes. They use this room to change their regular clothes and keep their things before entering the gowning room. So, the gowning room is an important feature and essential for maintaining a cleanroom.

A gowning room needs a special protocol, and machines are furniture. This article discussed the gowning Room Furniture.

Gowning Room Benches

The gowning room benches are specially designed. These benches are comfortable and have a practical use. Technicians and workers can sit on these benches and change their clothes before entering or after coming out of the cleanroom. The gowning room benches are usually made with stainless steel. There are different designs available in the market. You can buy wired gowning benches or perforated gowning benches made with stainless steel. These benches usually come in standard sizes.

Gowning room racks

These are special racks made with high-quality stainless steel. These racks are used for storing different things like the belongings of the workers, masks, caps, shoes, coats and other belongings. There are different styles of racks, and you can choose any style you prefer. Usually, double or single standing gowning racks. Wall-mounted racks and coat hangers and hooks are available in different shapes and sizes.

Gowning room garment cabinets

These are special cabinets enclosed like a wardrobe and are made with stainless steel. These cabinets have hinged doors and racks to store different things. The cabinets can be used to store valuable items like wallets, phones, etc with security.

Gowning room boot racks

Gowning room boot racks are specially designed steel racks to store their shoes, of the workers.

Gowning room dispenser

Gowning room dispensers are specially designed to dispense gloves, apparels, bouffant caps, shoe covers, and other related supplies.

Gowning room shelves

These room shelves are a modified version of the racks and cabinets. The shelves are designed to offer a small enclosed personal space for the workers to store their items.

 Air curtains

Gowning rooms are attached to the cleanroom. Hence, the air must be filtered before you enter the gowning room. These curtains are specially designed for the antechambers. They come with in-built HEPA filters and create an environmental barrier. These curtains are used to provide sanitation before the workers enter the cleanroom.

Shoe cover dispensers

These machines offer single-use shoe covers automatically. Workers can cover their shoes before they enter the cleanroom.

Waste receptacles

These are must for a gowning room. The workers can discard their gloves or other waste material after their work is done. Gowning room waste bins are specially designed with epoxy resin coated stainless steel and offer hand-free disposal.

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