Hiring Expert Witness in As-Planned Delay Analysis

Benefits of Hiring Expert Witness in As-Planned Delay Analysis


Construction sector is considered the backbone of any economy. The statement brings the truth particularly for the United Arab Emirates and many others. However, the success of this sector primarily depends on successful completion of the projects. A slight act of negligence or any other factors may derail the project leading to disputes. In such a situation, different methods are used for analyzing the core causes of delays or disruptions in the project. In this regard, As-Planned Delay Analysis is the most important where issues are resolved under the supervision of experienced expert witness professionals.

In a case that you are not well-aware of the significant role that construction experts play during the analysis process, go through the blog for detailed understanding.

What is As-Planned Delay Analysis?

Generally, the analysis methods of delay involves the addition of certain activities indicating modifications in the baseline schedule. In this way, the impact of delayed activities is determined while demonstrating the change in project completion date.

Therefore, the analysis starts with the baselines schedule determination to identify critical paths. The time and dates are noted for further support. Once a delay event is created, the period for event is recorded. Later on, all critical paths are evaluated to estimate the loss. At this point, the services of quantum experts are acquired for witness testimony. So, it is imperative to keep the professionals involved in the process from initial stage to stay safe from claims damages.

Reportedly, people facing construction claims get into serious troubles as they overlook the importance of experts witness. Let’s read further to get more details!

Top reasons expert witness is essential for As-Planned Delay Analysis

There is no denying impacted as-planned analysis is a popular method for estimating delays in the best way possible. It helps the contracting parties to resolve their construction disputes peacefully by managing damages through a middle way. So, the presence of professional claims consultants and other experts for witness is crucial to keep the matters as per the facts and available evidence.

Let’s consider the importance of hiring professional witness experts for conducting delays analysis:

Cost and time saving

Some tasks and activities in the construction projects requires a lot of investment and time. When people face delays in the projects, they want to get the issues resolved as soon as possible without spending more. It is so true when it comes to saving time and money because success of projects in construction depends on it.

Therefore, involvements of professionals during the process of as-planned delays analysis can help you minimize the complexity. So, you can save finances along with time. Isn’t a win-win?

Accuracy of results

Acquiring the services of professional witness experts can help you get accurate results. It is owing to the fact that experts have years of experience in managing similar tasks within diversity. So, they offer highest levels of efficiency in conducting analysis of the disruptions in constructions. It leads to clarity of the problem along with all potential factors responsible for it.

No doubt, correctness and transparency of underlined factors for dispute is essential to resolve the issues without further misconceptions. For this, the presence of experienced professional is a must!

 Personalized solutions based on results

It is not enough to conduct figure out the delays factors using As-Planned analysis and leave the things. But, effective resolves require the contacting parties to seek a mutual consent for further working as projects requires trust besides finances. You can hire experienced quantum expert for getting tailored-made solutions to your dispute. It will help you to reduce the risks of project suspensions.

You can get customized solutions after getting the results of analysis from the professionals as the part of a peaceful resolve to accomplish the project.

Credibility of testimony

Although, construction parties try their best to avoid court proceeding, sometimes it becomes a compulsion.  In a case that you take your case to the court for a just decision that should be a binding on contracting parties, you need to prove you stance there.  For this purpose, you can rely on professionals for analyzing the disputes, figure out possible causes and submit the evidence to the judge.

Imperatively, analysis techniques including the impacted as planned are used for evidence collection and presentations. At this point, if you always have acquired the services of professionals, you will be in a better position to defend your stance using credible testimony.

Get expert’s assistance to resolve construction issues peacefully

Summing up, construction projects are intricate in their nature. So, the involved parties should be very careful while handling issues because lack of trust and delays can lead to a serious problem. Once, you get into a dispute, it is suggested to resolve your claims as soon as possible for carrying out the planned activities smoothly.

Getting your disputes analyzed from professionals will give you an advantage over the opponent – grasp this opportunity now!

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