How RFID tags are helpful in parking management?


There are different technologies that are applied for the identification of vehicles for parking management like barcode scanners, radio-controlled switches and license plate recognition. But there is only one technology that matches the physical protection provided by a barrier with the cybersecurity that is required for the protection of the entrance from unauthorized access— a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Using a cryptographic authentication protocol, RFID tags are extremely helpful in parking management. They provide a unique identifier that can’t be reproduced as well as inconspicuous and discrete placement on the vehicle. User memory for relevant data storage is also provided by these specialised tags.

RFID tags ensuring convenient parking management

RFID windshield tag placed in cars is specific to users. The details of the vehicles are mapped prior to the procedure. This technology ensures easy and fast communication between the tag and reader. The readers are mounted on the exit and entry gates. The tag gets activated as the vehicle enters the range of the reader. The data is transferred by the tag from its IC to the system. Thus, entry or exit of vehicles is allowed, along with secure gated parking lot, automatic billing and electronic collection of parking fees. The scope of misplacing parking tokens/tickets is also eliminated.

RFID based parking management allows smooth movement of vehicles without having to stop. Parking tickets are issued during entry-point and exit-point. As the vehicle passes the gate, the amount is automatically deducted from the user’s account. This account can also be recharged as per the requirement. This modern solution also reduces the pollution problem as there is not any waiting during entry-point and exit-points.

Benefits of RFID based parking management

Following are the major advantages of RFID based parking management:

  • This is an accurate system and thus, the chances of human error are reduced.
  • It makes the process of entry and exit noticeably faster.
  • Traffic on roads is reduced.
  • Pollution is decreased.
  • Safety and security are enhanced as access is allowed to authorised people.

Available range of RFID tags

Following are the different types of RIFD tags that are required for varied needs:

  • Ultra-High Frequency Tags- Innova tag, metallica tag, micro tag, endura tag, fabric laundry tag, crate tag, genie tag, tire patch tag, spring tire tag, HT tag, FASTag, windshield tag, IT asset tag, silicone wristband tag, wristband tag, disposable wristband tag, mini asset tag, jewellery tag, ceramic tag, plastic hanger tag, trigonic tag, label tag, and PET laminated tag
  • High-Frequency Tags- Laundry tag, universal tag (with hole), micro tag, metallica tag, NFC tag, key fob tag, wristband tag, AFC token tag, jewelry tag, and PET disc tag
  • Low-Frequency Tags- Waste bin tag, cattle ear tag, sheep tag, glass tag, universal tag (with hole), universal tag (without hole), laundry tag (without hole), epoxy disc tag, micro tag, key fob tag, cylinder tag, rivet tag, pet disc tags, beer keg tag, and wristband tag
  • Customised Tags

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