how to change jiofi password

How To Change The JioFi Password [Quick step by step guide]


If you’re a Jio user, you’ll fathom the JioFi 4G Hotspot. lets see how to change jiofi password. This device beside a Jio SIM enables you to access 4G web speeds on much any device, be a movable, tablet, laptop computer or a wise TV. If you haven’t already signed, here’s wherever you get a Jio affiliation, and you’ll be able to even get a JioFi device right away.

If you’re already employing a JioFi, here square measure a number of belongings you ought to do to secure it. If you’re sharing your reference to others, you would possibly wish to alter the countersign each currently so. We’ll additionally show you the way to customise the name of the network. These steps square measure specific to the JioFi 3 and should vary slightly counting on the device you’re victimisation. Lets dive in a process to

1. Switch on your JioFi device

To change jiofi password, the first factor is to power on the device by holding down the button. If you haven’t noted down the name of the JioFi’s local area network and its word, you’ll notice it on the rear of the prepacked box, or underneath the battery at the rear of the device.

2. Connect your phone or a laptop to the JioFi device.

Connect your devices to the JioFi. This is done by going to the Wireless settings on your device. Use the details found in the previous step.

change jiofi password


3. Access the configuration interface on a web browser

how to change password of jiofi

To change jiofi password open the URL http://jiofi.local.html or using a web browser. This will take you the page where you can manage the JioFi’s settings.

5.Log-in into the interface

This is the next step in changing jiofi password. Now login with the credentials, username as administrator and password as administrator and tap on the login button. You might be prompted to change the default administrator password. You can do this by clicking on OK.

reset jiofi password


6. Change the WiFi password

To change the WiFi password,

Click on Network > Wi-Fi Configuration > Secure key (in some models).

change jiofis password

7. Choose a password and save Settings

jiofi password

Change the password to your liking and click on the Apply button.

This is typical process of changing jiofi password. we hope you find this article and guide helpful. You can stay connected to and come back for more updates.

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