How to choose an intimate lubricant?

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Most couples enjoy intimacy while receiving unclouded pleasure. However, there are times when this process causes pain. Natural lubrication is secreted by the vagina within 10-15 minutes, often it is not enough or it may be completely absent. This problem will be solved by the best lubricant for women – a lubricant designed for comfortable sliding of the male genital organ or sex toys.

The role of the lubricant

Sexual contact gel is used for the scanty release of natural lubricants. It is designed to moisturize the vagina, preventing the appearance of microcracks on the mucosa and eliminating unpleasant sensations. Even if one of the lubricants caused an allergic reaction, their rich assortment will allow you to find an option that is harmless to the body.

Lubricants make intimacy more pleasant and passionate, prevent genital irritation, protect against infections and sexually transmitted diseases, and effectively complement contraceptives.

Types of Lubricants

  • Water-based lubricants are the most common. Their advantages are the lack of taste and smell (if not flavored), low cost, they can be used with condoms and any sex toys. They are easily washed off with soapy water, do not leave stains and hard to remove traces. Another advantage is that they are hypoallergenic. But such lubricants quickly evaporate or absorb, which requires repeated application during sexual intercourse.
  • Fat-based lubricants contain herbal ingredients. They differ in dense consistency and economic consumption. Fat-based lubricants are chosen for alternative types of contraception, for oral caresses, masturbation.
  • Lubricants, oil-based have the same features as the grease with fat. They are characterized by the densest texture, so they are chosen for anal sex. Such lubricants are difficult to wash off and they corrode latex products (condoms and toys).
  • Silicone lubricants are the latest variety of lubricants for sex. They have all the advantages of water-based products: they leave no residue, do not contain taste and aromatic irritants, and can be used for any sexual contact. Silicone greases are¬†difficult to rinse with water. Therefore, they can be used for sex in the bathroom, shower, home pool, or in the jacuzzi.

Release Forms

  • A gel is the most common and easy-to-use type of lubricant. Such a lubricant is closest in consistency to the natural lubrication secreted by the vagina. The gel may contain vitamins and healing components. Therefore, it can be used after sex as a restorative. The composition of the gel may include glycerin.
  • A cream is a popular option for beginners. It is not absorbed too quickly, is economically consumed, and contributes to the maximum relaxing effect during anal sex. But this form of lubrication is poorly compatible with condoms and is not recommended for use with sex toys.
  • Sprays are the most convenient lubricants to use. To spray them, you need to make a few clicks on the cap of the jar. Sprays are very quickly absorbed, so they are applied two to three minutes before contact. This allows you to get prolonged sexual contact without loss of sensation by both partners. Sprays work well with condoms.