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It’s very difficult to find armadillos in these modern days, as it may extinct very soon.  Armadillos are also known as Dasypodidae. It comes under the mammal category. The life span of the Armadillos approximately will be 12 to 15 years. Armadillo means “Little armored one”. The mammal has a very special ability. It can cover its whole body with a bony plate by rolling itself like a ball (Back, legs, head, and tail) and this is the only mammal that exists with such kind of shells. There are 20 types of Armadillos like long nose Armadillos, Giant Armadillos, Hairy Armadillos, Three-banded Armadillos, Naked-Tail Armadillos, etc.


Habitat and Diet

Armadillos can be found in warm and moist areas. They grow up in forests and grasslands. They find their food by digging the soil and this is the reason why they prefer loose and porous soil. These mammals sleep for 16 hours per day. Their eyesight will be very poor, they hunt their food with the help of the strong-smelling ability. Armadillos eat plants, fruits, beetles, ants, termites, worms, Snails, etc.

Armadillos Behaviour

Their breeding/reproduction will be during the beginning of the summer season. They prefer to be lonely and will interact among their own species during the breeding and for younger one’s caretaking. Young Armadillos gets separated from their parents and will become independent at a very early age.

 Damages/Hazardous by Armadillos:

Armadillos are known as good diggers. They find their food by digging the loose and moist area. While digging to find their food they make a wide and deep hole which results in uprooting the plants and seedlings. They damage pipelines and underground cables and damages the foundation of a building. They tear the lawn and flower beds in search of bugs. Armadillos carry the bacteria that may cause leprosy.


It is not so easy to answer how to get rid of Armadillos. It’s unfortunate that getting rid of Armadillos is most expensive and may spoil the look of the premises. Let’s see the method to get rid of Armadillos. One of the methods is to lay a strong and thick fence with no space so that Armadillos can’t enter inside. Armadillos have a weak vision but its smelling sense is quite impressive by using this strength of Armadillos

.Set a trap where you think Armadillos will pass by and don’t forget to keep a few insects inside the trap. When Armadillos smells insects it won’t stop itself from going to the food and its easy to catch them. Another best way to get rid of Armadillos is by using castor oil repellent.

Castor oil spoils Armadillo’s food sources and makes it unpleasant to eat them. The next method is by using Mothballs. Mothballs have a very strong and displeasing odor that can’t be tolerated by Armadillos. Armadillos can be avoided by sprinkling cayenne pepper around the field and house. Cayenne pepper has a very strong spicy smell that stops animals to enter the premises.

Keep the predator urine in several places when Armadillos discern the smell of predator urine it finds its way out from the premises and will never return. If dogs are around the premises Armadillos can’t dare to trouble you. Dogs keep Armadillos away from the premises as Armadillos hate dog smell with bark.