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We all want to have a shredded to look dope and sexy. Having a shredded body defines your physique. It will help you transform the appearance of your body. Losing weight and shredding of muscles is quite tough. All you need is patience and efforts. Today we will discuss the best way to get the shredded body in 3 months. We have analyzed the best diet which will help you get shredded body easily. So Let’s get started!


Tips to get a shredded body


1.Drink lots of water














Water is a natural way to get shredded muscles. Our liver which is responsible for the fat burning process requires lots of water to function properly. Dehydration usually slows down the fat burning process of our body and takes you away from getting shredded. Water usually decreases your appetite which will help you get shredded body easily.

How to intake-

Drink a minimum of 2 to 4 liters of water per day. Increase your water intake regularly.



2.Intake fewer calories













To get a shredded body, fat burning is essential to the process. Consuming fewer calories will help you from getting ripped. One pound contains 3500 calories, So if you deduct 400 calories each day from your nutrition plan, you can lose 2800 calories per week. It’s enough,


Right? This will help you get ripped more rapidly. Don’t forget to deduct the major amount of calories from your nutrition plan.


3. Eat regularly


Further increase in your meals which contains excessive nutrition is essential to get a shredded body. Excessive nutrition such as Lean proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. It will also boost your metabolism and will help you get ripped. The process behind it is quite simple- To digest food, our body has to burn fat.

If you eat a minimum 4 times a day, your body consumes calories in digesting your food. The more you eat, the more is the calories burned. Don’t forget to intake enough protein needed by your body.



4. Change your nutrition meal plan














What you eat will determine whether you will have a shredded body or not. To have the best results you should know the right macronutrients ratio.


Macronutrients are essential nutrition (protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats) needed by our body. They all play a vital role in our body as we can’t survive without them.


Intake ratio of Macronutrients-

To get ripped or shred physique you will have to consume 40% carbohydrates, 30% healthy fats and 30% protein daily. You should also have the post workout meal which is essential for recovery and building of muscles.


5. Lift heavy weights


What usually people think is that lifting lightweight with more reps is not the way to get ripped and shred physique. But the research claimed that heavier your weight is, the more energy you will require to lift it, the more calories will be burn.

Note- Do not lifts heavier weight, as it can prevent heavy injuries to your major body parts.















6. Use supplements powder


Supplements are the best way to grind your body. It helps the body providing essential macronutrients needed by the body. It also helps in burning fat more rapidly which results in a shredded physique. Some best supplements are Whey protein, BCAA, Fat metabolizer, etc.

  1. Whey Proteins- It helps in muscle recovery and muscle building. Use of whey protein will increase your protein intake which is necessary for the shred process.
  2. BCAA- It contains 3 types of essential amino acid that boost up the recovery process in our body and increase the performance of other amino acids.
  3. Fat metabolizer- One of the most important supplements for getting the shredded body. It usually contains Choline, Green tea, Caffeine, Kola nut, and calcium, etc. all ingredients are responsible for shredding muscles and losing weight.
  4. CLA- It is responsible for increasing the metabolic rate of our body and helps in the fat burning process. It basically converts food into energy.

Smart meal plan to get shredded body fast


As you start reducing the number of calories from your meal, your body starts burning your fat for energy. Excessive calorie reduction can also make you lose muscles. The best way to get ripped faster: cut calories from your meal and eat more protein. This will prevent your muscle loss.

Our team has generated a smart meal plan which will help you get ripped and shredded physique rapidly.

Smart meal plan holds-

Ripped meal plan   Click Here

Muscle meal plan   Click Here


Ripped Meal Plan



2 slices of wholegrain bread, oats (50g to 70g), 3 to 4 egg white (fried or omelet), milk.



apples or any other fruits.


Wholegrain bread with swiss cheese or peanut butter, Turkey(150g), Salad.


Protein shake, 2 fruits, black coffee.


Fried chicken(150g), broccoli (1 cup), Brown rice (at least 1 cup)


Frozen yogurt (150 to 200ml) and a protein shake (1 scoop of whey protein).

You should eat carbs only before and after you train. As it will give you instant energy to exercise Add a protein shake in your workout as it will refuel your muscles.

Muscle Meal Plan


On a rest day, get a Muscle meal plan in work, which will provide you enough calories to recover your muscles.


to 4 whole eggs, 2 egg white, bacon, oats (50g), 1 glass of fruit juice


1 banana, 2 slices of bread with cheese or peanut butter.



Boiled potato, tuna, protein shake.


Whole wheat bagel, cheese, 1 apple.


1 protein shake, chicken, Brown rice (1 to 2 cup).1


  Muffin or cake.

Week Strategy to get Shred Physique

On (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) week, have this strategic plan.

Monday Muscle workout Muscle meal plan.

Tuesday Muscle workout Muscle meal plan.

Wednesday Muscle workout Muscle meal plan

Thursday Muscle workout Muscle Meal Plan


Muscle workout


Muscle meal plan


Rest day

Ripped Meal Plan



Ripped Meal Plan

On week (2, 4, 6, 8) get this ripped plan

Monday Ripped workout. Ripped meal plan.

Tuesday Ripped workout. Ripped meal plan.



Ripped meal plan

Thursday Ripped workout Ripped Meal Plan

Friday Ripped workout Ripped meal plan



Rest day

Muscle Meal Plan



Ripped Meal Plan

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