How to Get Started Building Links for SEO:


Link building is an indispensable part of SEO. It is also the most challenging and confusing part of the whole search engine optimization process. That’s why you may find many guides and long articles on this topic.

Yes, like you, many other people also face difficulty in building high-quality links for their website. Some of them go to SEO experts, while others try out some tactics given on the internet.

If you are reading this article, then you must have selected the second option. Worry not; if you have decided to do it by yourself, because we are here to guide you in easy language and lesser words.

First, let’s understand the meaning of link building:

What is Link Building?

Link building is a process of acquiring the links of other high-quality websites to add on your website. It is also the process of giving your website links to be mentioned on other high-quality sites.

Link building is important because Google bots use it as a criterion to determine the quality and authority of your website. So, every website tries to get the links and link their own websites to high-authority and high ranking website to boost their SEO.

How can you Build Links for your Website?

People spend many years in order to find the answer to this one question. But, to make it easy for you, we have gathered the knowledge of all those SEO experts to present it here. Let’s see the effective link building tactics.

  1. Outreach to High-Authority Brands of your Field:

First of all, you need to outreach to other brands, entrepreneurs and start-ups of your field to introduce your company. You can take the help of the internet to create a list of these companies and to find their contact details. Reaching them via mail will be the most effective and formal method.

It’s not necessary to have content to acquire links. You can also present your unique products, your services and other things which you offer to create a good impression. To get good inbound links, you can search your keywords and find the companies that are writing about similar topics.

You can introduce your services or products to these companies. If they will really like your work, then they won’t have any issue in mentioning the link of your product, service or webpage in their content. The process is long but really helpful in link building.

  1. Find Guest Blogging Opportunities, But in a New Way:

Every link-building article talks about guest blogging because it is a very famous and simple method of building links. Yes, you just have to find a guest blogging opportunity, then you have to contact the website, get the work and write for them.

You can easily add the link of your website in this content piece or the author’s bio section of it. Sounds simple, but that’s not the case. Yes, because just like you, many other new websites search for guest blogging opportunities for building backlinks.

That’s why every website offering guest blogging opportunities receive hundreds of emails with attractive pitches. The chance of your selection is very slim in this scenario. But, you will surely get an opportunity by using our trick.

Instead of contacting the websites that advertise for guest blogging, go for any website of your niche that doesn’t advertise it. Yes, not every website advertises it, but who says no to a well-written free content piece? Obviously, no one! So, propose your plans in front of such websites as there are more chances of getting the projects because these companies get fewer proposals as compared to others.

  1. Find Out Broken Links:

Another famous method of link building is the acquisition of broken links. So, the process is to find broken links on other websites of your niche and contact the website to inform about the broken link. In this process, you offer the link of your website to substitute the broken link.

Of course, the website owner would like to replace the broken link with a working one. But, this is not a simple process because finding broken links can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

The best way to find these links is to browse through your competitors’ websites. Apart from it, you can also take help of tools for this purpose. One such paid tool is Site Explorer by Ahrefs. By performing a search in this tool, you get the list of sites with broken links on a particular niche. You can contact these sites after finding the list.

  1. Claim for Unlinked Mentions:

If your business is not brand new, then this step can be useful for you. Yes, because the chances of a brand new website to have unlinked mentions are very low. The companies that are a little bit old can have unlinked mentions.

Unlinked mentions are the mentions of your company, your product or your service on any other website without your knowledge. These pages might have mentioned your company information to provide resources to the reader or to present an example.

Suppose you own a restaurant in Delhi. Now, some person writing about the “best restaurants in Delhi” or “best dishes to try in Delhi” might have mentioned the name or information about your restaurant. But, these are unlinked mentions because they haven’t provided a link of your website in the content.

You can contact them and convince them to link to your website. The process of convincing will be easy because they already know about your business and mentioned it in your content. You can easily find these unlinked mentions by typing your company/product names and checking a few pages of SERPs.

So, use all of these methods in the beginning to build a few high-quality links for your website. The process is long; so don’t expect overnight results. Keep striving for it, and you will surely get good links! Best of luck!

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