how to increase internet speed

by Funda king. July 2019

how to increase internet speed

Today, websites have improved a lot and they require even more bandwidth compare to past. Not only that every operation on PC or smartphone in today’s date, require more internet speed.  People want to play games like PUBG on mobile so they want the best gaming smartphones and best internet speed.

And having slow internet can be very annoying and they can consume a lot of time. I mean look at Facebook, the websites use to open very quick a few years back and now it takes more time especially when u have low internet speed.

You can always try a few things or steps to increase your internet speed. You will definitely see some improvement.

How to Increase Internet Speed

1. Avoid conflicting signals between devices


Nowadays, wireless router support dual-band broadcast on two different frequencies: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.  It is very important to check that router signal of your connection has not to conflict with any other gadget at your home like the wireless camera.


Same GHz frequency on both device: rounder and device (usually 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz) should match with each other. Other devices can cause a disturbance in the signal straight to your device.


You can easily avoid this, for this, you can remove the battery of your smartphone. Same can be done with the other device which is causing interference. Then look for the speed, if that makes any difference.


The list of devices which can interfere and decrease the speed of the internet on a wireless connection is too long.  Our daily usage device like cell phones, wireless speakers, televisions, microwaves, CCTV’s signals, dimmer switches, fans and more.


To avoid signal interference try putting a router in a place where no other electronic device is close to it. Always keep your router and interfering devices at a gap of 5 to 7 feet and you will see the faster speed and no signal loss.

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2. Try resetting your network/modem


Your modem can also be affected by the other networks close to your network. Which can result in a disturbance in internet bandwidth? You can easily fix this by rebooting your modem.


Restarting modem can easily avoid interference from other networks and you can use the less congested wireless signal. This can easily increase the speed of the internet.


Turn off your modem/router from the power button on the modem or disconnect the power supply from the main switch. Wait at least 20 to 30 seconds before turning it ON again. 


3. Check how many devices are connected to your Network.


Well, everyone loves free internet and if they found open network, they will defiantly connect to enjoy some free internet. If other people on the same network are using your network downloading and surfing that will decrease your internet bandwidth. For this, you can set a password on your network using router admin page.


So turning on or changing your password is always a good choice because you might not remember giving a password to your friend and changing the password will kick out the unknown users that are connected to your network.


4. Try keeping the Router at a different place

Week signal coming from a wireless router can also cause slow speed internet. No doubt that Weak signal can cause low speed and interrupted connection, even two walls between your device and router can waken your Wi-Fi signal strength.

It is good if you keep router and computer/laptop closer to each other. Make sure that the router setup is in the open area.

Not to mention, keep modem clean as dust can cause your modem/router to overheat resulting disturbance in internet speed.


5. The filter can increase speed

Low speed can occur when you have a DSL connection, but there is no filter. A filter has 3 slots - one shot for telephone lines comes in and split into two PC and telephone.

So, if you don’t have a filter and using DSL connection ask your operator to provide a filter.