How To Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chat? (Complete Guide)


Some people use WhatsApp to discuss important matters with colleagues or work partners. The rest use WhatsApp to discuss daily activities with friends, girlfriends or crush.

Well, this second group might not matter if your WhatsApp chat is accidentally deleted. After all, nothing mattered at all from the chat they had done in WA.

But it differs from the first class, namely people who often use WA to chat discussing work and business.

Their chat often discusses projects, jobs, and other important matters. So, if their WA chat is erased it will become a frightening specter.

If it has happened, usually what is first sought on Google is “how to restore deleted WhatsApp chats”.

Is it possible? 

The answer is, can and cannot.

WhatsApp chats can be restored even if they have been deleted, provided that the chat has been previously backed up to Google Drive.

While WhatsApp chats that cannot be returned are those that have never been backed up. So it will disappear forever.

To avoid having your chat deleted, you should backup all of your WhatsApp conversations to Google Drive.

This is an official feature of WhatsApp Android to make it easier for users who want to restore messages that were accidentally deleted.

As for WhatsApp users on the iPhone, they can backup to iCloud.

Before the terrible thing above happens, where your message was accidentally deleted, it’s better for friends Androbuntu to follow the tutorial below.

I will explain how to backup WhatsApp chat to Google Drive.

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How to Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive

This feature is available both in the official WhatsApp application or WhatsApp Mod. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your Android phone. Select the Settings menu.
  2. There are many other menus that appear. Select the Chat menu.
  3. Continue to select the Backup chat menu.
  4. Then click the Backup button. There you will also see the overall size of the chat in your WhatsApp application. Everything including chat, photos, and videos.
  5. If you have never connected WhatsApp and your Google Drive account, you will be asked to enter your Google Drive Then the backup process will take place immediately, wait up to 100%.


At this point, your chat is “safe” because it has been backed up to Google Drive.

In the following days, WhatsApp will automatically backup every day to Google Drive. So the backups are automatically updated with your new chat too.

How to restore WhatsApp Chat

This next step you can do if you accidentally delete an important chat with someone.

But you are not willing because the chat is very important, then you can restore it using the method below.

But remember, this way you can only follow if the backup feature has been activated as I explained earlier.

  1. Open the Settings menu, select Applications, select WhatsApp, then click the REMOVE STORAGE button. This will make you logout from the WhatsApp
  2. Open the WhatsApp application and log in using your mobile
  3. Follow the steps until you can log back on
  4. At the end of the step, there will be a choice to restore or restore a chat that has been backed up in.
  5. Click the Restore button.
  6. Login using the Google Drive account where you store backups of WA
  7. Wait until the restore chat process is

Now try to check the chat that you have deleted, the chat will return all.

Of course, returning chats are just backup chats.

Why are there chats that don’t return?

Maybe the chat hasn’t been backed up by WhatsApp, so don’t come back again.

This method even though it is not really a way to restore chat in WA, but it is quite powerful in some cases.

For example, when chats are deleted, chats that have been backed up. Then returning it will be very easy, namely by the above method.


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