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How to Plan the Application Process to Study in Canada

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There can be many different reasons for deciding on higher education to study in Canada. Some may choose a foreign university because it has better facilities or some may decide a particular university because their home country does not have such option in their field of study. Higher education in abroad is definitely a bold step and adds substantial worth to your CV.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

  • Better opportunities

One can widen up their career horizon with the degree or diploma issued by well-known educational institute. You can expect better job opportunities if you have completed your studies from a college which is considered as the best globally.

  • Chance to have international collaboration

You make many international friends during your stay in abroad. Even after coming back to your own home country, your international connection ensures that you can get referred by them whenever possible.

  • Explore new culture

Every country has its own culture and traditions. Living there for a long duration provides the chance to the international student to explore all the facts and know the culture of that country. You get celebrate all the festivals according to their traditions.

  • Experience different style of education

Studying in a foreign university lets you to experience their education pattern. You get exposure to the internal concepts of your program which you may miss in your home country.

  • Improve language skills

After living in a different country you will observe that your communication skills and personality have been polished. You get to improve your command on foreign language as you will be communicating with other in that language all the time.

  • Most memorable experience in life

Living with unknown people in different geographical locations can be an experience which you will remember for life. Exploring unknown place is somewhat which everyone desires at some or the other point of life.

Planning application process to study in Canada

It is a myth that only class toppers can apply in international universities of higher education. If you plan your application process well then you can book your seat in university of your choice easily. Also, with right planning you can get scholarship too. Planning application process to study abroad is essential as the admission process start many weeks before the session commencement and you need to meet other requirements before sending the application form.

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Things which should be kept in mind while applying in international university

  • Shortlist minimum 6-8 universities

Make a list of universities in which you want enroll in. Then do a proper research about the courses they offer. Eliminate the universities from the list which can’t offer the course in your field of study. Then you will have a list with the universities which are offering the course program which need. You should research well about the universities on the basis of admission requirements, fee, scholarship option, and ranking in subject’s stream.

  • Choose a college which has global remarkability

Every university can’t rank in toppers list. Hence it is not mandatory that every international university will offer world class facilities. Do a proper study on the university in which are planning to take admission.

  • Visa requirements of that country

Before selecting any university in a particular country, check out the visa requirements. If you are not able to fulfil the requirements then drop the idea of applying the universities in that country. Get complete help for student visa consultants in Chandigarh and other parts the country with Yash Global Consultants.

  • Provision of post study work

Completing degree in an international university does make a difference. So consider the post study work option which your selected university can offer.

Steps involved in the application process of Canada Student Visa

  • Selection of country and the university according to the course in which you want to take admission

After self-evaluation, according to the admission requirements, you have to make a list of around 8 universities. Application in various universities does include expense so may be it is not be feasible to apply every university. Also quality of education should be prime objective while making choice.

  • Get application form the universities

Visit official website of university, and you may get the option to download the application form. If you are not able to find it there, then drop an enquiry email for application form.

  • Prepare and take the test required by those universities

Read the admission requirements and eligibility. If you need to qualify in some kind of test, then prepare accordingly. Take up the test through either online or offline mode (according to the test).

  • Get yourself ready for writing essays and recommendation letter

Letter of recommendation plays an important role in the admission process in the university. It is a document that is signed by someone who knows you and your skills professionally or a person you has taught you the same subject in which you’re applying. According to the format prescribed by the applied university, submit the letter. If your letter is not appealing then chances of application rejection is high.

  • Send the application form enclosed with required documents

As per the admission process, fill the complete application form and then attach all the needed documents.

  • Report the score of various tests

Report the score of the test to the university according to the eligibility criteria.

  • Confirm offer of admission

Many universities inform the status of the application to the applicant as soon as possible. In case if you get selected then, confirm them with your response so that they allot you a seat in the session.

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