how to treat woman

HOW TO TREAT WOMAN fully updated guide 2020



HOW TO TREAT WOMAN : Woman is like a wave ,when a woman waves rises,she feels she has an abundance of love to give but  when it falls she feels her inner emptiness and needs to be filled up with love.As we all know she is the creator of life that means she has the quality of patience, forbearance and her inner strength makes her versatile in every area of life still she needs someone to lean on but often she is mishandled by man and left them with a question :HOW TO TREAT WOMAN

Ways to treat Woman:

A: Emotional house cleaning:

when a woman wave crashes that is when she gets hurt it is a time of emotional cleansing or emotional house cleaning without this cleaning a woman slowly loses her ability to love and to grow in love.

Through controlled repression of her feelings her wave nature is obstructed and she gradually becomes aggressive even a strong and confident women need support an emotional house cleaning .In simple words she needs to be treated with love and care

Few simple tips to make her happy..

 Create special time to be alone together.
 Ask specific questions about her day that will show your concern in her.
 Practice listening.
 Bring her Flowers as a surprise in an special occasion
 When you are going to be late call her and let her know .
If she talks to you put down the phone or turn off the TV and give her full to treat woman
 Give her four hugs in a day.
 Tell her I love you often
 Call her often when you’re not in town.
 Display affection in public,
 Make her feel more important than children; let the children see her getting your attention first and foremost.
 Surprise your lady on her birthday to make it.

B: Appreciate and Support Her

Woman does not like flatterers so I appreciate her work through your genuine actions she needs to be appreciated and seek your support indirectly.

so there are few tips which will show your appreciation and support towards her

 Help her in household chores which shows you’re appreciation towards her
 Make the bed and clean up the bedroom.
 Dry your towel on your own .This way you can support

 Notice when the rubbish bin is full and offer to empty it.
 Compliment her on how she looks.
 If she generally makes dinner or if it is her turn and she seems tired or really busy offer to make dinner.

C: Handle with Care

 If she has been sick in some way ask for her update an ask how she really feels
 If she is tired, offer her some tea
 Don’t answer the phone at intimate moments or if she’s sharing her vulnerable feelings.
 Bring home her favorite chocolate often.

Conclusion about how to treat a women :

It is a magic when a man does little things for his woman .It keeps her love tank full when a woman knows she’s loved which makes her more trusting and loving in return .

Doing little things for a woman is also healing for a man .In fact these small things will heal his resentment as well as hers he began to feel powerful and effective as she is getting the caring she needs both of them are fulfilled so this way one should treat a woman

To happy a woman is not a rocket science ,all you need is a loving and caring heart for her so by default your actions will follow up your heart!!!!!!

Anubha Jain.