Important Tips To Help You Avoid Wikipedia Page Deletion


Since Wikipedia is an open-source and free platform that is open for everyone to add and update content, most individuals and businesses think they can easily land a page on Wikipedia without any hurdles but that is where they are wrong. Despite being a free platform, Wikipedia has very strict rules and guidelines, which if not followed, can lead your page towards deletion or a permanent ban on your account.

Now that you know the importance of following the guidelines, the next is to know how you can save your page and wiki article from deletion. It is not as easy as it will sound since it takes time to perfect the creation of a Wikipedia article that is why most individuals and business prefer working with a Wikipedia writing service. However, if you believe you can curate and compile the content for a Wikipedia page yourself and follow the guidelines correctly then there are a number of things that you should avoid.

Here are the following ways you can prevent your article from being removed from Wikipedia.

Grammar and spelling check

If the content of your Wikipedia article comprises of poor grammar and spelling mistakes then it is bound to be deleted. Before you submit your page for the Wikipedia moderators to publish it, make sure you have already spellchecked and proofread the entire content. Pay heed to every section you have added to the article and then analyze if the content both makes sense and is grammatically correct.

Links and references

External links should be added as both references and citations in the article. If not, the editors and moderators at Wikipedia deem the content has unauthentic. It is necessary since Wikipedia entirely relies on the authenticity and notability of all the facts added in the content. For that, you would surely need to justify the facts and statements by adding actual proofs in the form of sources, citations and reference links.

Keep the content neutral

Wikipedia never acknowledges blatant and obvious advertising. The main foundation Wikipedia is based on is to serve as an informational platform, not a marketing medium but most individuals think otherwise. If you self-praise too much and the tone sounds promotional then your article will never be approved instead it will be immediately deleted. If you keep on making the same attempts by editing your content and adding more promotional content then the moderators might even ban you.

Never add hoaxes or false news

At times, people think attention can be given to them if they rely on false information. Hoaxes are never accepted at Wikipedia so if you ever tried to add false news, your account could possibly have been flagged. Wikipedia even goes as far to block the IP addresses of all such accounts who have added false information in the pages they submit. Since Wikipedia moderators are so strict with their guidelines and inspection, you should always fact check your content and only then publish it.

Recreate old or deleted pages

If a specific page had been deleted from Wikipedia then surely there would be a sound reason for it. So, if you think the page has been deleted and once you make small tweaks to the content your page will be approved then that is a misconception. Recreating an old or deleted page is clearly against the Wikipedia guidelines so if you have been getting similar ideas then do not proceed to recreate already existing pages if you do not want to be banned for good.

Infringement and violation of copyrights

Another major cause of article deletion is a copyright violation. You can possibly add information or facts that you claim to be yours as Wikipedia is a free and open-source platform so, who will possibly check the facts? Wikipedia might be an open-source website but moderators and professional editors are governing it constantly. So, if you add a fact and include its subsequent citation or reference and if the moderators find it has been copied or a copyright violation has occurred then your page is speedily deleted.


While the tips and content creation guidelines compiled in this article have been tested by writing experts and editors but it is still possible for it to fail. This can be taxing for you, as you are certain that the rules and guidelines have been followed and not violated, yet your page was deleted. In such a scenario, you have the leverage to contact the Wikipedia moderators and administrators directly. It is fine to fail initially as novice writers always face issues in creating pages and content for Wikipedia from scratch. Give yourself time and soon you will get a hangover how the guidelines function.

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