“If something can go wrong, it will go wrong “Although, luckily, it is not always true when you travel. Now you can go with everything well saved and not go through any place you should not, that nothing will free you from an indigestion, a sprained ankle or a friend of others … If we will know well. Our advice: always travel with surety. And how you can get best of it? To help you, we tell you how to choose the best international travel insurance. Of course, we hope you never know how well or badly it works, because you have not had to use it.

We begin with the batch of questions that you are asking yourself. What does it has to cover? How much money is adequate for a medical emergency? What is the franchise? If my plans change, how do cancellation or cancellation insurance work? Can I use credit card for it? And with the European health card? How much do they cost – this, even if it seems a lie, is less important than the coverage-?

And finally: which one do you recommend? We are very happy with the service that IATI has given us so far. We hired him for our one-year trip through South America – and, unfortunately, we used it a few times – and also for shorter trips – you will get a 5% discount on the price of insurance by hiring from here. But, before doing so, check out what you have to consider finding the most suitable of it, because it changes according to the person, the destination, the duration.

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The first thing to look for when taking out is in the amounts of money. And we are not talking about the amount of money that you have to pay – what it costs – but in what the company will pay – what it covers – that is, the coverage. That is the key to travel insurance: the amount of money they cover in all possible problems that may occur on a trip. And there are many things that can go wrong. So that no one escapes – or, we hope it has not escaped us – we will detail them below.

One more thing to keep in mind: in some travel precaution the maximum coverage refers to the maximum amount of money that will be covered over the entire duration of the trip, whatever problems you have. In IATI, the coverage is for every accident you have on your trip. That is, if you have an accident and you break a leg, the maximum accident coverage will cover the entire recovery process: medical tests, hospitalization, surgery if necessary, and rehabilitation. If, once you have been discharged for this problem, something else happens to you – bad luck can be primed with you – the amount will start from zero to the maximum again. Check that the coverage is for an accident and not for the entire duration of the journey.


Depending on the country you go to, this amount will be fundamental. Do not think that traveling to a first world country will not need to cover much. Unlike. In the US, for example, healthcare is completely private and expensive, very expensive – we explain it in our article about the best travelling safety provider form the US -. Breaking an arm can mean a few thousand dollars of spending, so you better have your insurance cover as much as possible.

In others in the third world, even if you think that health will be cheap in comparison, you have to take into account that higher quality hospitals are almost luxury and, in many cases, only for tourists with tourist prices.

Although it may seem outrageous, for good international travel insurance, a minimum of 100,000 Dollars is a very adequate amount. Always depending on the destination … do not exaggerate. In the case of IATI, the minimum, in the basic IATI, is 50,000$, and the maximum, in the IATI Estella Premium, reaches up to 500,000.


That you are discreet and do not go for places that are not recommended does not save you from being robbed. We say that the first time they robbed us was in Colorado where, according to everyone, they don’t steal from anyone – we have returned twice later, a bad experience does not mean that the city is beautiful.

Typically, jewelry, cash, documentation or computer equipment is not covered by this term. Things like cameras only up to 50% of their value at best, but less gives a stone and does more damage. That was another reason for us to choose IATI at the time: they get to cover that 50% in photographic material, computers and tablets in all their insurance, except Basic, up to half of the maximum coverage for theft / damage to luggage. When the camera was stolen – which was in Argentina – we have to say that we bought the new one with the money that IATI had given us as compensation for the theft in a week. In these cases, speed is an added advantage.

If in your luggage you carry an electronic or computer equipment that is very valuable, it may be worth taking out an extra specific insurance that protects it, check out the option of comprehensive coverage Tech IATI Klinc.

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