Key Factors for making an SEO strategy successful.

Usually, people write many blogs and publish those all on their website eagerly. Unfortunately, they ignore to do search engine optimization of that content which leads to a lack of organic visitors on the website. SEO is important, everyone knows but what makes an SEO strategy perfect? Do you afford to ignore SEO? Let’s dive into key factors for SEO today.

  1. Content: Yes content is one of the key factors of an SEO. So you will ask why you are not getting visitors while your site is flooded with content.  The answer is you need perfect content which fulfils all criteria such as No grammatical errors, Plagiarism free content, Content offering more value than existing one [skyscraper technique]. You need to make sure your content has more than 300 + words minimum. We will recommend 500+ words for better results. Longer content with valuable information in an interactive manner is required for ranking page in search engines. We strongly believe that no one should ignore the importance of optimized images in the making of valuable content.
  • Keywords: Content is an important factor in an SEO because visitors read it, on other hands keywords are important because the search engines read those words to understand, categorize and index those contents. While publishing content you need to be sure that your content is well optimized with proper keywords. Make sure you use keywords in Title, Sub-titles, URL and body of content.  Professional SEO service providers can help you to find proper keywords by their keyword research. Finding quality keywords with good search volume as well as with low competition is a tricky part of an SEO.  
  • Strong Back-link Profile: If you take a look at top SERP s for various keywords and analyze their backlinks profiles you will find quantity of backlinks doesn’t matter at all. You will find some pages with a lower number of backlinks are ranking at a higher level than other websites with more backlinks. We are trying to explain to you that Quality wins in front of quantity. Professional SEO Company can create a proper backlinks profile for you with their knowledge, database, and contacts.
  • User experience: Ask yourself these questions, how long you can wait while the website is loading?  Will you read poorly arranged content? We can’t hear you right now but we know your answer is a big NO. So if you can’t wait for loading and you don’t want to read poor content how we can expect other visitors to stay on such sites. That’s why it is a key factor in an SEO strategy. Users love the faster sites with interactive and informative content, which leads to lesser bounce rates as well as more engagement. Lesser bounce rate and more engagement will push your ranking up on search engine index.  Professional SEO service providers can help you to detect reasons for slower sites and can help you to improve user experience.


For making an SEO strategy successful you need to do above-mentioned things properly.  No one can afford to ignore any single factor from the above list. We recommend you to invest time to learn all these things or you can try affordable SEO services, who can fix these things for you. SEO is a crucial part of becoming successful in blogging as well as an online business.