LinkedIn Ads, the perfect way to approach prospects. | Best LinkedIn Ad Agency.

LinkedIn is keeping its place intact as the best professional social platform. LinkedIn advertisement is the best feature to reach the targeted audience. We all want to grow our business connections. Informing targeted people about services and products is the best strategy. LinkedIn aims to make this easy through their ‘LinkedIn Ad’ feature.

What makes LinkedIn A perfect destination for professional.

You might see more active people on common social media sites like Facebook. But these sites have diversified users. Professional people do not use Facebook for work and professional communication. They use LinkedIn to create their professional circle. They use this platform to get professional services as well as human resources. This professionalism makes their unique platform. To get connected with designated people in various organizations, you must use LinkedIn.

LinkedIn ad campaigns

LinkedIn ad campaigns are base on auctions. You need a professional LinkedIn Ad Agency to make proper bidding and campaign management. Fund king Media is well known LinkedIn Ad agency. We manage perfect ad campaigns for our clients. Our campaigns are well organized and target an accurate audience. Hence we get the best results for our clients.

LinkedIn Ad Formats

We can run the following LinkedIn Ad formats. Our LinkedIn marketing experts choose these ad formats as per the Budget, Audience, and performance.

linkedin ad agency
  1. Single Image Ad
  1. Video Ad
  1. Carousel Image Ad
  1. Message Ad
  1. Text Ad
  1. Dynamic Ad

These Ad formats have different bidding range and performance. We choose the best ad format and bidding price. We have in-depth experience in setting up and handling LinkedIn Ad campaigns.

How to run a perfect LinkedIn Ad campaign.?


Marketers do audience and competitor analysis. Before starting ads on LinkedIn, marketers study the company’s products and audience. They also do a study about competitors and their strategies.

Audience Selection:

After analysis, LinkedIn marketers select the perfect audience. Based on a study, they choose a group of people to target ads. Age, profession, gender, location, and other factors are essential in this process.

Choosing the best Ad type

Analysis and audience selection helps in choosing ad format. We decide the best ad format as per audience, client’s service, and budget. We aim to create the best LinkedIn ad in budget. We are an affordable LinkedIn Ad agency.

Design and Copywriting

After understanding the audience, we start the design and copyright process. We create a state-of-the-art design and clever ad copy. Our designs and copies always bring the best results for our clients.

Campaign Setup & Testing

After review and approval by the client, we start the campaign setup. We use Fundaking Media’s unique marketing strategies while setting up a campaign. Testing is also required in LinkedIn Ad management. Testing saves you from future disasters. Setting all features of an ad campaign is essential to get the best results.

Bidding & campaigning

After setup and testing, we go for the real game. We start bidding on the best possible ad slots at the best price on behalf of our clients. LinkedIn Ads are very powerful and result-oriented. We run a campaign on decided time, location and day. Fundaking Media is well known for its unique marketing moves.