New Adsense feature coming out on 20 August, See how to activate


Shopping ads now available for AdSense for search


Google always care for Adsense publishers. Google Adsense introducing new feature soon. As early as August 20, 2020, AdSense for search (AFS) can serve shopping ads on relevant shopping queries


1.How it will work


  • After opting this feature Adsense will start showing shopping ads on your website smartly.


  • Google aim to give easy shopping options to readers and boost an income of publishers.


  • You don’t have to change any codes or scripts. You just need to enroll as we stated below on mentioned date.
  • For example if you wrote articles about shoes google will add shopping options for shoes on that page automatically.


  1. How it help you to earn more 

you’ll increase your site engagement by helping shoppers find the products they’re trying to find with relevant information like price, picture and promotions.

you’ll try shopping ads in your AFS ad units without having to re-tag your site.

you’ll generate higher RPMs by showing shopping ads on relevant queries.


3.How to enroll for new Adsense feature

If you employ AFS, you will be automatically enrolled on July 20, 2020. You’ll then have 30 days after this date to cop out before you begin seeing shopping ads on your site/app.


During the 30-day window, please check in to your AdSense account to review the design of your shopping ads and confirm they fit together with your design.



As per fundaking google is aiming to give fight to an affiliate programs like amazon. Bloggers don’t have to insert affiliate links to blogs anymore.  Google Adsense will smartly identify products to show in article and will give option to buy in bottom of article. It’s very convenient to bloggers as they will be able to focus on writing more good content rather than finding various affiliate program and products.


We will suggest all bloggers to opt this feature by login into Adsense account after 21 July and review and designs and structure for your website.


We hope this article is helpful. Stay connected stay updated.


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