On Page SEO Tutorial by Funda King

Are done by going through useless and ambiguous youtube videos and blogs about OnPage SEO?   If yes, let's start with real working and tested on page SEO strategy by Rahul Agarwal. from fundaking.com

Hello bloggers, rather talking about on page let's see how to do it.

After watching so many SEO videos and scrolling through blog posts you will understand what I am trying to say when I said let's see how to do on-page SEO rather than only Talking About on page SEO


I will suggest you, open any one Article you published on your website in a new tab and come back to this tutorial.  So you will able to implement this SEO tutorial in real quick time with better understanding. So roll back your sleeves and let's dive in.


Learn OnPage SEO Full Tutorial by Rahul Agarwal


We are going to fix the following On page SEO factors in your article.

Read and implement these all SEO factors step by step carefully


1.How to Optimize Title


Friends Title plays a key role in OnPage SEO. Take look at the title of your article which we are going to optimize. Here is the checklist to see whether your title is optimized or not.

1. Include your keyword in the title

2. Create a long tail title with your keyword

3. Title must be appealing visitors to click


For example

 You are targeting the keyword  'On page SEO' 


Here are some titles:

1. how to do on page SEO -                                                            [Bad Title]

2. how to do OnPage SEO for your website                              [Ok Title]

3. OnPage SEO tutorial for your WordPress  website            [Good Title]

4. Learn on page SEO |free full On page SEO tutorial           [Better]


You will find the Difference between all the above titles Look again at your title and create a better long title with a keyword plus uniqueness. If you are using WordPress we will suggest Yoast SEO or Rank Math  SEO plugins to install. These plugs in will extremely helpful to optimize your content. after installing this plugin you will see a red line under Title box if your title is poorly optimized. As you develop a title that line will become orange and lastly, it will be green



2.How to Optimize Meta Description 


Now Google not accept meta keywords anymore so now meta descriptions value grown very high. If you want Google to understand your content's topic and depth, you need to optimize your description properly.  So let's take a look at your meta description. Check your description with the following parameters.


Filters to check Meta description optimization.

1. includes main as well as related keywords

2. Explain about content while mixing keywords

3. don't write only keywords

4. Maintain a description of around 200 characters.


Examples of poorly optimized and Properly optimized Meta Description.


Poor one

"This article is about on page SEO. Check  how to do on page SEO

SEO tutorial. best article."


Proper Description


"Finding the best OnPage SEO tutorial is a hard job. We created an updated on page SEO tutorial for Wordpress and other websites. This SEO tutorial by Fundaking is latest SEO strategy and help to do SEO of the website."


Look at the above description of this page I highlighted keywords I used in it. Same time you will find these are not only keyword its paragraph with proper sentences. you will also find that unhighlighted words are also related keywords. 

Divide any sentence or combine any words you will find its actually a keyword. 


keywords I used in this description 


  1. OnPage SEO tutorial

  2. SEO tutorial for Wordpress

  3. updated on page SEO tutorial

  4. tutorial for Wordpress

  5. latest SEO strategy

  6. SEO of the website

  7. help to do SEO

  8. EO tutorial for Wordpress and another website

  9. SEO tutorial by Fundaking

  10. SEO tutorial

  11. best on page SEO tutorial

you will find more from this paragraph. you need to learn this writing skill of turning keyword list into a paragraph 


3. How to optimize Page URL

After optimizing URL and Description you need to optimize your Page URL. Take a look at your page URL,  does it look like 

this    www.example.com/3453sdfsdfc

or like this www.example.com/your-main-keyword


If your url includes your main keyword or page title its good to understand. Robots will be able to easily understand and rank that page for related queries on search engines. If you keep your url ambiguous robots will not understand the content topic and it will difficult to rank that page for them 


4. How to optimize Page Content

After you finish with a title, description and URL, we will optimize your content. For the optimization of content, you need to read your content carefully and categorize it into

  • Heading,

  • subheading,

  • bullet  points

  • and body.

After understanding the structure in your mind change their fonts as per the below list


Heading or page title

Write heading or page title in H! Tag. You will find heading 1 font in your font list. you need to write only one main heading in 'heading 1' font. H1 tag is important in on page SEO.



Subheadings must be written in 'Heading 2 ' font style. You will find it in font list of your text editor or Wordpress editor. write all subheadings in heading 2 font style and make it bold. H2 tags help search engine and visitors to categorize your article and its helpful in a search engine optimization of your website.


After this, you can further categorize lists, bullet points and use heading 3 and more other font styles.


For Content optimization, you need to make sure you used the main keywords as well as other related keywords in content and headings. Also, make sure you broke content in proper paragraphs. Do the alignment of all contents images and headings.



5. How to optimize page Linking


After optimizing the above factors you need to look at External as well as internal link structure of your page. You need to add links of your other blogs related to the current page so people can also take look at it, by doing this you will reduce your bounce rate. You will see growth in page views and ad impressions.


You need to sort out whether you are going to offer Do-Follow links or No-Follow links to others. I will suggest link other's good pages and contact them to link back. So you will also get backlinks. 


You can also take look at how I create backlinks for my website



6. how to optimize images


After doing these all things people ignore images. Trust me you can't afford to ignore images in SEO because images dramatically increase total web page size and pull down the page as well as website speed.  


Make sure following things regarding your every image


  • Maintain minimum size by compressing images.

  • change random image file name with your keywords

  • Use royalty free images or purchase original images

  • All images must be aligned and must be in same size and shapes

  • Add Alt Attributes to the images  

  • Select image click on the edit icon and then you will find the option of Alt attribute in Wordpress


Watch video explanation about image optimization



Friends this is how you can do basic on-page SEO of the website. Each and every aspect I covered in the above article will help you to increase your website page rankings and will make strong On-Page SEO for a website. If you find this article helpful kindly leave a comment below or you can ask any doubt or query regarding SEO and Websites.


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