Online Multiplayer Games Every Social Gamer Should Try

Technology Games

Thanks to the incredible advancements in technology over the last couple of decades, we’ve been blessed with a variety of ways to not only make our lives easier but to keep us always perfectly entertained as well. One of the biggest changes the growth in tech has brought is the rise of gaming. New games for different types of gaming platforms are regularly released and players can’t help but fall in love with the amazing graphics, well thought out storylines, and innovative gameplay.

While gaming has become one of the most common pastimes for people all over the world, a particular type of game has been at the forefront of the gaming revolution. These are of course online games. One of the best things to come out of modern gaming is the fact that people can play together and communicate simultaneously, and here are a few games that give you that freedom.

Live Casino Games

Real money gaming has gained quite a lot of traction recently, and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that players now have the option to stream casino live games at any time. This means that players have access to extremely popular table games like blackjack, baccarat, and poker around the clock from the comfort of their own home. As long as you have a solid internet connection, you’re good to go.

What catches the interest of players in this is that the game is streamed to them live, so they can be more immersed in it and feel like they’re at a real casino. There is also a chatroom where players can communicate with each other, and the dealer, which makes the experience interactive and opens up a lot of interesting conversations.


League of Legends 

If there’s one thing that players can always count on when playing League of Legends, it’s that they’ll have a lot to talk about during gameplay. Like most MOBAs out there, League of Legends was designed to have players communicate with each other to get through the match and beat the enemy team. For this reason, a chat is always in sight for players to communicate their plans, and the option for voice chat with friends on your team is also available.

League of Legends is a fun experience overall. From the plethora of champions you can choose from to the extensive lore and backstory of the game’s universe, players will find that it’s hard to get bored of it. The game is ultimately a team game, so if you want to win you have to employ a good strategy and work together as a team. If that’s not the definition of social gaming, then nothing is.


World of Warcraft

MMORPGs were amongst the pioneers of online multiplayer gaming. From the early 2000’s up until today, World of Warcraft has been making waves throughout gaming platforms, and creating lifelong friendships around the world. World of Warcraft throws players into an ever-expanding world of fantasy where they can be mighty warriors or powerful warlocks that can bring both order and chaos to the world around them. The game became so popular that some players couldn’t even fall asleep because their minds were always focused on the grind.

World of Warcraft and similar games are truly the peak of social gaming. They allow players to form groups from small teams to massive guilds and use their cohesive power to clear out intricate boss raids, dish it out on the battlegrounds, or even invade the cities of their enemies. The chat option is always there to help players communicate with each other, but third party programs that allow players to talk to each other through their headsets are also widely used with these types of games.