Have you Considered these Factors Prior getting a Packaging Solution?


Proper packaging matters. Not only it’s essential for consumers, but it’s also an important element for brands and retailers to influence buying decisions. Above all, it has a profound impact on product satisfaction during its life.  Sure, quality and price are the most critical factors for customers when it comes to product satisfaction, but you will be surprised to know that an average consumer rate packaging almost the same as the brand.

Keeping this in mind, compare the amount you have spent to make your brand against the money you have invested in procuring your packaging. Do these numbers look good together? I’m sure your answer would be ‘No’. The reason being you haven’t spent even half of the amount you have disbursed to build your brand.

According to a survey, a whopping 64 percent of the participants confessed that sometimes they do buy a product off the retail racks when drawn by the packaging even if they have no prior knowledge of it. Countless other studies have shown that packaging is one of the critical factors in driving repeat sales. It has a abysmal impact than television advertisements or online reviews.

Those who still doesn’t consider it a significant factor should know that just 20 percent of the buyers seemed to be very satisfied with it. This means appearance alone cannot sate customers as many shoppers get frustrated by the structural features of the packages that doesn’t live up to their expectations. So apart from creating an exquisite packaging design, make sure it should also be practical. This makes custom gift boxes an ideal packaging solution for businesses of all sizes since it meets the criteria head-on.

Here are other important factors that you need to consider when designing product boxes.

Adequate Packaging Keeps the Product Safe

Who would want to receive a scratched, dented, or broken product? Poor quality materials, incorrect box size, and lack of packaging inserts or padding often leads to such accidents and boost your expense in the form of product damages. Mind you, protecting the product is the most basic function of a packaging. if your container cannot do that, it means you have placed your wager on the wrong box. Work with a reliable packaging company like The Legacy Printing to avoid the hiccups and preserve the integrity of your brand and product.

Right Packaging Boosts your Proceeds

When the number of returns and exchanges increases, it means you have to absorb the cost in the form of returns and repairs. This can prove costly as the expense will eat into your profits. On top of it, your customer will be highly disappointed with the quality of the product and may take his or her business elsewhere. In a nutshell, you will end up losing a valuable customer. Using a sturdy and elegant packaging solution like custom gift boxes can greatly decrease the frequency of these mishaps. Most of all, it will boost customer satisfaction with your business.

Proper Packaging Improves Delivery Time

A lot of time is wasted processing product boxes that are opened during the delivery process. Boxes that are opened must be corrected and checked for missing parts to ensure smooth to end-user. Unfortunately, it slows downs the shipping process and often results in late delivery. By leveraging the perfect packaging solution, you can ensure your product is delivered damage-free and on time. It will sate your customers and encourage them to buy from you again. In short, use packaging as a means to create a lasting impression on customers.


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